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Now this might sound weird for some people but I have a theory which I am going to prove to you all! I have read many articles related to the 5th installment of Pirates of the Caribbean and this is what I've found...

There' s been speculation about whether or not Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow would die. WELL HE WON'T!! Why? I base it on a very interesting fact from Pirates Of The Caribbean 1. When Jack, Elizabeth and Will are returning to the Dauntless (after Jack killed Barbosa) Jack wasn't cursed any more because of Will, but when they are returning to the Dauntless, we see Jack covered with gold and a crown which he had stolen from the island, so this leads to one thing: "JACK SPARROW IS IMMORTAL"


Some might think that the curse was broken after Will' s blood along with the coins was put onto the island but in the post credit scene. There, we see Jack and the monkey being cursed, so this means the curse is still active. Jack's immortality can be explained even when he falls from a mountain and still survives in POTC 2 when he is captured by cannibals. Immortality, case and point.


Do you think Jack is Immortal???


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