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Adam Sandler use to be able to open a movie. You use to be able to count on at least his movie to hit $30M during opening weekend. But the last live-action movie that wasn't Grown Ups that did that? Just Go With It in 2011 with $30.5M. Last one with $40M? Click in 2006.

So what did Pixels do? $24M. The Adam Sandler/Kevin James vehicle didn't even open at #1. It opened at #2. There are many reasons for this. The bad reviews. People tiring of Sandler's shtick. People tiring of Kevin James's shtick. The targeting of the wrong people with marketing. For whatever reason, Pixels was a disappointment. But not a surprise.

Ant-Man, on the other hand, did not disappoint. With just a few hundred thousand more, at $24.8M, Ant-Man held on to the top spot. It did drop about 57% from last week, just like Thor: The Dark World. The weekend was enough to put Ant-Man past $100M domestically, taking 10 days to do so.

Minions took third. It had $22.1M. If you add in the international number of $44M, Minions ruled the worldwide box office for the third straight week. Trainwreck hit fourth with $17.3M. It dropped 42% in its sophomore weekend.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw
Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw

Southpaw overpreformed to take fifth. Despite mixed reviews, the boxing movie brought in $16M. Paper Towns was another disappointment. The coming of age story from the people who brought us The Fault in Our Stars didn't even crack the top five. It took sixth with $12.5M. With $6.3M on Friday, it earned most of its money early in the weekend. That is the definition of "frontloaded". I thought there was a lack of awareness.


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