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Summer is usually the time when TV fans hide in their caves eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite show in the autumn. However, for one awesome show this is not necessary and as you well know, I am of course talking about [Suits](tag:722536).

As always, the USA network legal drama series does not leave the fans hanging in the summer. So far, five episodes of the fifth season have aired, giving us plenty of food for thought. Amidst a lot of interesting developments I decided to list four reasons why I think that the new season of Suits may be the best one so far, so here they are:

1. We finally get to completely explore Harvey's humane side, as well as his weaknesses, fears and vulnerabilities.

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Over the course of the first four seasons we have had millions of moments which prove why Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is known as "The best closer in New York City". We are all well-aware of his cool demeanor, confidence, relentlessness, as well as his love for the ones who are closest to him.

However, since Donna (Sarah Rafferty) left Harvey in last season's finale and became Louis's (Rick Hoffman) secretary, things have definitely changed for him. Before this season we could not have imagined that Harvey is prone to panic attacks, let alone that he is so emotionally troubled. His complex relationship with Donna (and his therapist) and the return of Travis Tanner (Eric Close), have definitely shown a different side of him that we have never had the chance to explore before.

Moreover, in all honesty it is great to see that not even Harvey Specter is perfect and he is as human as anyone else. Sure, we saw some of this in the previous seasons judging from his many unsuccessful relationships, but in the fifth season the magnitude is much bigger. So, drink up, Harv!

2. Donna's new beginning has gotten everybody on their toes.

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If there is one thing that we have learned so far from Suits, it is that there is no one more loyal to Harvey than Donna (not even Mike). Despite this fact, due to the essence of their complex relationship which was at a stage somewhere between best friends forever and true love, things got all wrong and Donna left Harvey to become Louis' secretary.

Although, this change might just be temporary (who knows?!), it is great to see that there is life for Donna after Harvey. Furthermore, seeing her advise Louis on the difficult problems that he always has, is one of the highlights of this season. Again, they might have had a good friendship before this season, but in the new one it looks even more enjoyable to see.

3. Mike is back where he belongs, but he still has a lot to prove.

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Mike's stint as an investment banker did not last long and (with significant help from Louis) he returned to Pearson Specter (and later Litt). However, this season he is in a more challenging situation than ever before (and saying this about Mike means a lot).

Not only does he have to perform under the never-stopping pressure from Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), but he also has to prove to Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) that he can be a worthy husband of his daughter - Rachel (Meghan Markle) by working together on a case with him. If you add on top of that the concerns that Mike has about Harvey's health, you will realize that this season he is extremely pressured from all sides and this, of course, creates amazing television!

4. The presence of strong supporting characters.

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Suits has always had solid supporting characters. It doesn't matter if we are talking about Travis Tanner, Dana "Scottie" Scott (Abigail Spencer), Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole), Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough), Charles Forstman (Eric Roberts) or Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull), they have all played a vital part in the show at some point.

However, this season the supporting characters are as strong as ever, if not better. Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) has proved to be a cunning villain, we are seeing more of Robert Zane than ever before and we definitely have to see more of Louis's charming sister - Esther (Amy Acker). What more can you ask for?!

So, there you have it, folks! What is your opinion on the fifth season of Suits? Please share it in the comment section below!

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