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Professor X is one of the most iconic characters in the X-Men franchise, having founded the X-Men in the 60s up until now, with a few bumps on the way. But does Charles have another mutant power? being able to age himself immensely fast, and to use his legs willingly. Read on to find out.

The first X-Men film ,in 2000, showed Patrick Stuart as the telepathic mutant leader in his older days. This is how you would expect to see Professor X, Right? As an old man in a wheelchair, seems pretty accurate so far, and this was carried out for the next 3 films. Up until 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this film is one of the worst in the X-Men film saga, but does play a major role in my point. In this film, we see a Younger Wolverine from the 1970s (looking no different then to now) develop as a character and see how his backstory unfolds. And at the end we see a swarm of mutants breaking out of Strykers prison lab, followed by Cyclops and Emma Frost, as the camera turns to Professor X, we see him no older than the first film, but we do see him standing up. Which is great, this means we know that Professor X loses his legs within the next 20 years or so. Or do we?

If we skip ahead to 2011's X-Men: first class, set in the 60's, we now understand that Charles was shot in the back by a bullet Magneto curved towards him. But hang on a minute, I thought Charles could stand 20 years from now? And this is where the problem began.

Now we go to probably the best X-Men film yet, Days of Future past, both set in the 70's and the 2020's. It shows us a dystopian future where the X-Men struggle to survive, and therefore have to send a heroic Hugh Jackman to the 70's to fix Mystique's problems. As Logan walks up to the X Mansion, he's greeted by a young Hank McCoy, telling him that he is on private property. As we see Professor X (played by James Mcavoy) walking down the stairs, hang on, walking? I thought he was disabled in the 60's but somehow not in the 80's? Later we find out that he injects himself with a syrum that grants him the power to walk but in exchange for his mutant powers. Seems like a pretty terrible deal if you ask me. But this could explain how Charles could stand in Oringins Wolverine, but then again how could telepathically talk to Cyclops?

Skip ahead to next years X-Men: Apocalypse, and if you've seen the trailer you'll know Professor X is being played by none other than James Mcavoy (again), and as you probably know, X-Men: Apocalypse is said to be set in 1983, wait, hang on again, but if X-Men origins: Wolverine is set in 1981. So Charles somehow manages to go from this…

To this…

In 2 years? I know what you're thinking, does Charles have a mutant power to use his legs whenever he wants to? Or have a time machine to go back and forward in time to different X-Men films?

Well, I have the answer to your endless rumours and theories, some of you may not like it but it's true. The X-Men franchise is awful at continuity. Think about it, how could Charles just get up and use his legs 1 day, or somehow look old old in 1981 but look young in 1983? Face it, the people at Fox just can't follow the same storyline.


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