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Previously I wrote an article on why Spider Woman was a female hero the MCU needs, which you can read here.

Another female hero I believe deserves her chance in the MCU is none other than Jennifer Walters, cousin to Bruce Banner, and better known as She-Hulk.


Walters was a meek, mousey young attorney and daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters. One day some goons, acting on the orders of crime boss Nicholas Trask whom her father had crossed, shot and seriously wounded her. Her cousin, Bruce Banner, was in town at the time visiting. They shared matching blood types and, since no other match was available, he reluctantly donated his blood to save her. She was more than just saved, however. Thanks to the gamma radiation in his blood Jennifer transformed from that meek attorney into the strong, confident She-Hulk. Unlike her cousin, she quickly learned to maintain control of herself as She-Hulk, retaining her full mind and faculties as Jennifer Walters.

Not so mild mannered now.
Not so mild mannered now.

She had been on the staff of District Attorney Blake Tower, but after gaining Avengers status she was hired for the Superhuman Law division of the New York firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway.

She-Hulk has been a member of The Avengers, The Defenders, The Fantastic Four, The Frightful Four, Lady Liberators, Mighty Avengers, and Heroes For Hire.

Her connection to both Bruce Banner and Heroes For Hire, to me, are both great reasons, along with easy paths, to bring her into the MCU. The uniqueness of her being Hulk-like, while still maintaining control over her personality makes her such a great character.


Like her cousin, She-Hulk possesses superhuman strength. She falls just below Thor on this scale. She also has superhuman speed, stamina, and durability, along with a regenerative healing factor. She is a skilled pilot and is an expert combatant, having been trained by Captain America. Even in her Jennifer Walters form she has trained in martial arts and is skilled enough to handle the common foe. She has a gifted intellect as well, having graduated from UCLA School of Law and continuing on to Harvard.

A look similar to this would work well in MCU
A look similar to this would work well in MCU


Only being around since 1980, She-Hulk, much like Spider Woman, does not have many major villains. Nicholas Trask is obviously a primary enemy, having her shot to begin with. After that, her primary arch-nemesis is Mary MacPherran, better known as the super-villain Titania. Making the similar transformation from meek human to super powered, MacPherron instead took the route of vengeance against those who humiliated her before. This would make her a likely choice to fight against She-Hulk on repeat occasions.

Another potential foe for She-Hulk could be Manfred Haller. The founder of Haller Hydraulics, a promising engineer and philanthropist, he used a suit of his own design to try to defeat and capture She-Hulk, ultimately failing. During the events of Civil War it was discovered Haller was clandestinely supplying unregistered, tech-based heroes with parts and services. Haller Hydraulics was closed and Haller's assets were frozen. He fled the country, but would return having found an elderly devotee of the Hindu god Ganesha who foresaw his arrival and bestowed upon him the vastly powerful Seetorak gem, which warped Haller's mind and transformed him into the pachyderm-like Behemoth. He returned to the US to seek vengeance upon She-Hulk.


I will take this opportunity to say that while I know many people seem to want Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey for this role, I do not agree with those. While they are both great fighters with solid physiques, I don't think they have the acting skill it would take to handle the Jennifer Walters side of the character. My top two choices would be:

Lake Bell

Bell is known for her roles in Boston Legal, In A World, It's Complicated, No Strings Attached, Million Dollar Arm, Children's Hospital, and can be seen on the upcoming Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Generally a more comedic actress, I think she has the personality and looks to handle this role. With the amount of CGI that would likely be used to make the shift into She-Hulk form, it will primarily be her face and speech that will be in play at that point. Bell has also had experience at playing a lawyer before as well, which gives her bonus points in my book. She also has worked with both ABC and Disney before, which gives her a nice starting point.

Daniela Ruah

Mainly known for her role on NCIS: Los Angeles, Ruah has only had small roles outside of that. She does possess a good bit of action experience however, and her acting is very solid. Much like Bell, I believe that either of these two would easily fit Marvel's pattern of hiring actresses that are on the cusp of a big break.

Jessica Stroup

A third choice would be Stroup. Primarily known for 90210, she has more recently been starring in The Following, along with roles in Prom Night and Ted. Stroup is a slightly younger choice from the first two, though she still carries a good measure of maturity into her work.

Well that's why I think She-Hulk should join the MCU. What do you think?


Do you think She-Hulk should be in the MCU?


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