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The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Dear friend,

I was with Patrick today. We ditched everyone else seen as he just wasn't feeling it after the week he had had. We drove for 20 minutes maybe more, maybe less, either way I didn't have a watch on me. He stopped the car at an empty car bay by the edge off the forest and I took that as my indication to get out the car. So thats what I did. We walked a for a few minutes till we reached a massive rock which I sat on without hesitation. Patrick paced in front of me telling me the story off the kids the year before that had come here too lose their virginity but forgot condoms and ended up using a sandwich bag. I cringed as patrick stopped his pacing to laugh with me. I smiled. I felt so relaxed the stars shining above us and his smile lighting up my night. He came and sat next to me and faced me telling me to tell him a story. I had none. I froze for a few seconds before telling him a story about second base stace. We talked for a minute or two more about what had really happened when his ex's bruce dad came home that night and caught them together. It was horrible. The next thing i remember was him leaning in and kissing me softly on my lips. My breathing hitched and he must of noticed because he pulled away with an apologetic smile on his face. i smiled broadly at him before leaning in and kissing his surprisingly soft lips one more time.

"Charlie, I love you" he whispered only loud enough for me to hear

"i love you too, Patrick" i smiled.


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