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If you could, which Justice League storyline would you adapt to the big screen? Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Blackest Night? DC, like Marvel, has plenty of stories to be told, yet there's one story arc that can defeat Marvel in almost all angles. Can you think which one would that be?

Marvel Studios has consolidated their reign in the superhero movies genre and in the immediate future things don't seem to be changing. The success of Marvel can be tracked down to the scandalous failures of Daredevil, Hulk or Ghost Rider. How come? Execs at Marvel look closely to what they did and understood they needed a movie to put them in the map seriously. The comic character chosen was Iron Man incarnated by Rober Downey Jr, a wildcard. The rest is history and you know it.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hasn't even been released but many fans are wondering who the main villain of the Justice League movie should be but more important is to chose the story. Here's the storyline for DC that can change things, forever...

Things at Warner hadn't worked pretty well. The power of the green ring wasn't enough back in 2011 for the DC Cinematic Universe to take off. Between us, I'd like Mark Strong to reprise his role as Siniestro. He killed it! For all purposes, Green Lantern was more an experiment and surely Warner took note of what people didn't like about it. Moreover, why would Warner consider making movies about superheroes if they had Christopher Nolan's Batman?

Due to the Dark Knight Trilogy's success, Nolan was pointed out to pen the script for the first serious attempting at rivaling Marvel movies: Man of Steel. The Superman reboot isn't as bad as many believe. What audience and fans may not appreciate from it is the fact it alters and adapts Superman to modern times. I've heard and read many articles crying out: 'Superman doesn't kill' or 'There's so much destruction in the fight between Supes and Zod'. Do you seriously think a big scale fight like the one in Man of Steel wouldn't have reduced Metropolis to pieces? If you're one of those complaining about it, then why didn't you say anything against the mass destruction in The Avengers?

That being said, we know the schedule for the upcoming DC movies but we're not that excited either. If DC makes next year's Dawn of Justice a big hit and successfully unite its properties in Justice League, then there's one movie DC definitely needs to bring Marvel down: Forever Evil.

Very much alike Forever Evil's comic story motto, "nothing lasts forever", Marvel's supremacy can be at risk if they keep repeating their formula again and again. Question is, does DC have what it takes to finally rival Marvel? To begin with, Warner can make use of all DC properties, therefore all story lines are possible. Marvel is at a disadvantage there. Secondly, Forever Evil would be a real game changer for the superhero films. If you haven't read that story, I urge you to do it. It has all the elements that can make a film like that one of the biggest box-office ever.

Have you ever thought about Lex Luthor leading the Justice League? And Captain Cold being one of the good guys? Or what about Batman becoming a Lantern? Easily, Forever Evil has some of the most memorable lines and scenes in comic books in the last decade. In addition to that, Forever Evil has powerful and interesting baddies, perhaps the weakest point in almost all Marvel movies.

You're so despicable we love you Crime Syndicate
You're so despicable we love you Crime Syndicate

If you're not familiar with the story, Forever Evil follows the story of the infamous Crime Syndicate and their plan to conquer Earth. But the Justice League will defeat them, right? No! In there resides the magic of Forever Evil. The Justice League has been defeated by the Syndicate and imprisoned somewhere in the universe without escape. However, Batman, Catwoman and Cyborg managed to return Earth just to find out that the Syndicate had declared that the planet belonged to them now.

To surprise of many, Lex Luthor assumed the leader role. He, Captain Cold, Shazam, Siniestro and Black Manta are Earth's last hope. Still, there's one pivotal character for Forever Evil: Nightwing. His importance isn't revealed until the very end. But the one thing absurdly good in that storyline are the fights. The one between Shazam versus Ultraman is unforgettable.

Personally, I'd love to see this film on screen. No other DC story in recent time has been as surprising and amazing as Forever Evil. But if this one doesn't happen, Infinite or Final Crisis are the one's to go with. What do you think? Which other DC story would you like to see on screen?


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