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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going strong since 2008, pumping out 12 movies and 3 TV shows, it's no surprise that they've had their fair share of celebrities in starring roles. A recent trend I've noticed is a handful of actors from the [Doctor Who](tag:200668) universe. So far we've seen:

  • Christopher Eccleston as Malekith
  • Karen Gillan as Nebula
  • Jenna Coleman as Connie

We'll also be seeing David Tennant playing the Purple Man in the upcoming Netflix series, [Jessica Jones](tag:1168773). Could it be possible that Matt Smith is next to join the likes of Iron Man and Daredevil? This is pure speculation of course, but if he were to show up in the films, he would be the 3rd Doctor to play an MCU character. The question is, who could he play?


It's been long rumored that we'd see Bullseye appear on [Daredevil (Netflix)](tag:1168702), and even though his manifestation is unlikely, it's still possible. Season 2 of the hit series is on it's way, and is already set to feature fan favorite characters The Punisher and Elektra, played by Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung, respectively. I believe that if we are to see Bullseye, Matt Smith could bring a certain pizzazz, if you will, to the character. Yes, the character is a bit outside of the show's gritty and dark tone, but Marvel can take some creative liberties and do something amazing.

Carnage a.k.a. Cletus Kasady

What good is a symbiote without its host? Carnage is most well known for his alter ego of serial killer, Cletus Kasady. Now that Marvel has Spidey's entire rogue's gallery at their disposal, there's a chance that we'll see Carnage on the silver screen in the near future, and I think Matt Smith would be great for the role. After all, he starred in the musical American Psycho. With that in mind, he would be perfect for portraying the demented character of Cletus.

Black Bolt

With the Inhumans topping off Phase 3, it's more than likely that Black Bolt will be a prominent character in the film. Vin Diesel is currently the fan favorite for the role after posting this photo on his facebook page, but I think Matt Smith could pull it off as well. Smith recently bulked up for a 2013 film, so he could easily do so again in 2019.

But this is just a theory,

Matt Smith was The Doctor in Doctor Who for years and it's possible that he may want to stray away from the science fiction genre and broaden his horizons.

But tell me, what do you think?



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