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Basic "chick flick" romance film layout: 1 character (usually the woman) is hurt and decides they will never find true love. They meet character 2, who falls in love with them and spends the rest of the film trying to prove that love does exist, they can work through their flaws, other people's opinions don't matter, and that they belong together. Finally after pushing character 2 away for what seems for good, character 1 realizes they are in love and make a desperate last ditch effort to prove that love and win back character 1. It's tired, it's formulaic, it can be seen coming from a mile away, and yet it works.

So what does Amy Schumer do to give new life to this type of film? She injects her own brand of humor throughout, and if you're familiar at all with her work you know that's a good thing. Her night-clubbing, get drunk and high all the time, care-free lifestyle is up-ended when she unexpectedly falls for a sports physician played by the equally funny Bill Hader. Stand-up fans will love the cameos of Colin Quinn and Dave Atell, I know I did, and some of their scene-stealing humor. But no one shines brighter than Lebron James, who surprisingly showed both great chemistry and great comedic timing with both headliners.

Through that humor, and the actors' deliveries, Amy Schumer does something to this genre of film that few others are capable of, she expanded the demographic. While most rom-coms are regulated to being seen by couples on a date night or a group out on a "girl's night", this film can be unashamedly added to a "guy's night" without fear of embarrassment.


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