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The moment that DC announced that it was creating an animated adaptation for one of its most well-known stories, The Killing Joke, fans immediately swamped Mark Hamill's Twitter feed. The actor, who hit it big as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, is regarded at the same level as Heath Ledger when it comes to legendary portrayals of The Joker, and fans don't want anyone else playing the character in this iconic, controversial story.

For Hamill's part, he's been involved with the fan response (as he always does so well -- this is the man that invented the term 'UPFs' for 'Ultra Passionate Fans,' after all), responding to a question earlier with a hopeful tweet:

When news outlets ran the story, sources returned to Collider with an update:

"Shortly after the story, sources reached out to us and confirmed that Hamill has already recorded his voice acting for the film, which is due out direct-to-video next year."

Which makes me wonder: Does anyone really cast Mark Hamill as The Joker, or does he just walk into the studio and decide he's down with it?

For those of us that grew up knowing Hamill as the Joker thanks to Batman: The Animated Series, the news is a huge relief. The events of The Killing Joke are nothing short of heavy, and I can't think of an actor who knows the tone of the Joker's madness as well as Hamill. Here's to crossed fingers and high hopes for his official casting announcement!


Which actor do you prefer as The Joker?


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