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The world of Anime has given us characters with insane abilities. Name something, and there has definitely been a Anime character with the ability to do it. However, nothing is more cool and badass than controlling fire, and these 2 Anime Characters are masters with it.

Portgas D. Ace

Ace is one of the coolest characters in the world of One Piece. Being the adopted older brother of Monkey D. Luffy, Ace was a role mode for him. Ace was a highly trained and respected Pirate, having Authority over lower ranking pirates. However, his social status isn't going to help him in this fight, lets get to his abilities, shall we?


  • Immense Physical Strength- Ever since he was a child, Ace has demonstrated incredible physical strength. As a kid, he was able to effortlessly lift a full grown obese man on his back like nothing. From breaking trees with ease to killing a fully grown bull with nothing but a staff, Ace is an incredibly powerful man.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant- Ace has been trained by the Whitebeard Pirates in hand to hand combat. He is incredibly skilled, even to the point where he was able to beat his brother Luffy in a fight, despite Luffy possessing a Devil's Fruit abilities, and Ace being a regular man. He is respected as a deadly fire, even without the use of his Devil Fruit abilities (which he gained after his fight with Luffy).
  • Insane Durability- Ace possesses incredible durability. Most impressive feats is when he fought Blackbeard. After taking multiple blows, which caused him to cough up blood and almost end up with a broken neck, Ace still managed to retaliate, showcasing his resiliency as a fighter. Another impressive feat is when he was baptized in boiling hot water and was perfectly fine, something incredibly impressive.
  • Devil Fruit Powers- Ace ate the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit. Devil Fruits are rare fruits that give those who eat them special abilities. In Ace's case, the Mera Mera no Mi gave Ace the ability to transform his body into flames and manipulate the flames, gaining his nick name "Fire Fist Ace". This gives him incredible abilities. He can produce and use fire from his body to utilize it into his fighting style. Normal physical attacks are also useless against him as they will phase right through his fire composed body. He has many techniques which he uses through his Devil Fruit abilities.
  • Heat Haze- Ace fires a stream of flames from his palm at his opponent.
  • Fire Fist- Ace turns his fist into flames and launches a column of fire at a target. This has the destructive power to completely plow through multiple ships with one shot.
  • Fire Gun- Ace aims his index and middle finger at a target like a gun and fires bullets made of flames at the target.
  • Flame Commandment- Ace creates a massive amount of flames around his body, which he can direct into an opponent, overwhelming them.
  • Firefly Light- Ace creates many small green fire balls which float around the target like Fire flies, then sends them all crashing into the opponent, burning them.
  • Sacred Flame: Sea Fire- Ace creates many lances made of fire which he fires at an opponent, piercing and burning them simultaneously.
  • Cross Fire- Ace puts his index fingers together in a cross shape and fires a flaming cross at an opponent.
  • Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor- Ace's ultimate technique, Ace creates a spiral of flames around him, and compresses it into a small sphere in his hand, then launches it at an opponent as it expands into an enormous orb of fire.
  • Mirror Flame- Ace creates a wall of fire to block an attack.
  • Conqueror's Haki- Ace demonstrated the use of this Haki as a child, which allows one to dominate the mind of a weak willed opponent, knocking them out.

Alright, now that we know what Ace brings to the table, lets examine his opponent.

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel is pretty awesome. Why? Because he was adopted by an actual dragon as a child. Being trained by the dragon, Igneel, to become a Dragon Slayer, a wizard who uses a dragon like physiology to fend off other dragons. Natsu became a master Dragon Slayer, and here's how.


  • Immense Strength- Natsu's strength is incredible. He has been shown to rip palm trees out of the ground like nothing, and breaking a billiard's board into 2 with relative ease. He even stopped the foot of a giant robotic dragon which was going to crush all of his friends. Natsu is a immense powerhouse.
  • Incredible Speed- Natsu has incredible speed as well. Being able to close great distances in the blink of an eye and dodging attacks from the likes of Erza, Laxus, and Sting.
  • Immense Durability- Natsu is tremendously durable. Being able to take many blows and continue fighting as if nothing happened. One of his most prominent feats include tanking Sting's most powerful attack, the Holy Nova, including surviving the following explosion unscathed.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant- Natsu is a highly skilled fighter, utilizing his Dragon Slayer Magic in unison with punches, kicks, and headbutts to overpower an opponent.
  • Dragon Slayer Magic- As a Dragon Slayer, Natsu possesses Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, allowing him to control fire to deadly effect. This also allows him to eat other people's fire, rendering it useless against him.
  • Fire Dragon's Roar- This allows Natsu to breathe a large stream of flames from his mouth like a dragon.
  • Fire Dragon's Claw- Natsu imbues his feet with fire to increase the power of his kicks.
  • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame- Natsu ignites his hands with fire and claps them together, creating an enormous explosion of fire.
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist- Natsu surrounds his fists in flames, increasing his punching power.
  • Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist- Natsu emits a massive amount of fire in his fist, then punches his target with so much force, that it can shatter his target upon impact.
  • Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist- Natsu rapid punches a target with his hands lit ablaze, creating subsequent explosions after each hit.
  • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Hand Blade- Natsu swipes his arm, sending a huge torrent of flames at an opponent, barraging them with an enormous explosion.
  • Lightning Flame Dragon Mode- After eating Dreyar's lightning, Natsu gained the ability to infuse his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic with lightning by entering the Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, which increases his Fire's destructive capabilities dramatically.
  • Black Flame Dragon Mode- After eating the fire of Dark Regulas, Natsu became able to combine his fire's power with Dark Regulas', enhancing its power.
  • Dragon Force- Natsu's most powerful form, in fact, any Dragon Slayer's most powerful form. This gives Natsu the power comparable to that of a real Dragon, which is incredibly powerful.

Natsu is an incredibly powerful foe, but now we get to see which anime character is the better pyro, Portgas D. Ace, or Natsu Dragneel.


(Portgas D. Ace is seen on his pirate ship approaching a dock. He steps off his ship and looks over to see Natsu Dragneel leaning on a post.)

Ace: Hey, what do you think you're doing here?

Natsu: I am waiting for my friends.

Ace: Little kids like you aren't allowed here.

Natsu: Little kid?

(Natsu gets up, slightly angered. Ace raises an eyebrow.)

Ace: You're really going to resist?

Natsu: I'm not going to let some punk like you disrespect me!

(Natsu lunges at Ace and throws a punch. Ace dodges his punch and punches Natsu in the gut. Natsu is unfazed and right hooks Ace, knocking him onto the ground. Ace rolls onto his feet and smiles.)

Ace: So you know how to take a punch, eh?

Natsu: I can take so much more than just a punch.

(Ace and Natsu run at eachother, trading blows. Ace jumps and spin kicks Natsu in the face knocking him onto the ground. Natsu gets onto his feet and he grits his teeth.)

Natsu: Screw this.

(Natsu runs towards Ace and performs his Fire Dragon's Claw. Ace ducks, avoiding his kick, but notices the fire surrounding Natsu's foot.)

Ace: You have fire powers too?

(Ace smiles and performs multiple flips away from Natsu. Ace uses his Fire Gun, firing many flaming bullets at Natsu. Natsu dodges them easily, then uses his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, infusing his fist with fire. Natsu throws a punch at Ace, who dodges it and uppercuts Natsu with his Fire Fist, senidng Natsu flying in the air. Ace then runs, jumps in the air, and uses his Sacred Flame: Sea Fire on Natsu, sending many lances of fire down onto Natsu, who simply eats the flames, shocking Ace.)

Ace: Well, this is going to be troublesome.

(Ace lands on the ground and infuses both of his fists with fire, while Natsu gets into a fighting stance. Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, emitting fire from both of his hands. Natsu and Ace run at eachother, with Natsu clapping his hands together, creating an enormous explosion of fire. The fire clears and Ace is gone, but the dispersed flames suddenly reforms into Ace, who fires his Heat Haze at Natsu, who simply eats the flames, remaining unaffected by them. Natsu then uses his Fire Dragon's Roar at Ace, breathing a large stream of flames at Ace. Ace simply turns into fire himself and reforms as Natsu dispels his fire. Ace then uses his Firefly Light, sending many green fireballs at Natsu, who runs away, dodging all of them. Ace lands on his feet and begins to use his Flame Commandment. Ace emits a large blast of flames towards Natsu, who uses his Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist to punch through the fire and fly towards Ace, hitting him dead in the chest. Ace disperses into fire, and reforms behind Natsu, infusing fire into his elbow as he elbows Natsu in the back. Natsu yells in pain, but then uses his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Blade Hand, engulfing Ace in a huge amount of fire, hitting him non stop. Ace disperses into flames and reforms in front of Natsu, uppercutting him. Natsu flies in the air and lands on his feet. Natsu spits out blood and gets angry.)

Ace: You're skilled with your use of fire.

Natsu: The same can be said for you.

(Ace smirks, then uses his Fire Gun to fire many fire bullets at Natsu, who runs, avoiding them with ease. Ace then quickly uses his Fire Cross, only for Natsu to easily eat the flames, and run at Ace. Natsu uses Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist, hitting Ace many times before Ace can react. Natsu then ends his assault by kicking ace in the jaw, knocking him over. Ace rolls onto his feet and spits out blood, only for Natsu to infuse his fists with fire. Natsu throws many punches, Ace counters with his own Fire Fists. The 2 strike eachother over and over with Ace dropping down and kicking Natsu in the jaw, knocking him in the air and onto the ground. Ace then jumps up into the air and sends his Fire Fist crashing down onto Natsu, only for Natsu to enter his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode. Natsu catches Ace's fist and electrocutes him, then punches him with a fire and lightning infused punch, sending Ace flying back. Natsu then charges at Ace, punching him over and over again. Ace then catches Natsu's hands and holds them in places, only for Natsu to infuse lightning into Ace, electrocuting him. Ace then kicks Natsu in the crotch and punches him onto the ground.)

Ace: That's how you want to play? Alright.

(Natsu attempts to kick Ace in the face, but Ace ducks and kicks his leg out of the way. Natsu then emits a large fire/lightning blasts that blows Ace away, but he gets up and uses his Conqueror's Haki on Natsu, who is put in immense pain and almost falls to the ground unconscious. Natsu, however, manages to pull through, and then enters his Black Flame Dragon Mode. Ace raises an eyebrow while Natsu smirks. Natsu charges at Ace with fire infused punches and throws them both at Ace, who disperses into flames and reforms behind Natsu, kicking him in the head. Natsu then emits a large fire blast that blows Ace away. Ace gets up an realizes that the Black Fire can actually harm him due to it not being normal flames.)

Ace: Well, this isn't good.

(Natsu fires a giant spiral of his fire and black fire at Ace, who runs and avoids the flames. Ace then jumps in the air while using Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor. Ace fires his attack at Natsu, which expands into an enormous sphere of fire, which engulfs Natsu. The attack proves to big for Natsu to desire, forcing him to tank it. Natsu succeeds in doing this, but almost falls down dead. Ace then grabs Natsu by the throat.)

Ace: You put up a good fight, kid.

(Ace imbues his fist with fire and is about to kill Natsu, only for Natsu to enter the Dragon Force. Natsu kicks Ace, sending him flying away.)

Ace: Now what is this?

Natsu: This is over!

(Natsu fires enormous blasts of fire at Ace, who dodges them and uses his Fire Gun at Natsu, who simply shrugs the bullets off like nothing. Ace then jumps in the air and sends his fire fist crashing down onto Natsu, who catches his fist and slowly begins to crush it. Ace turns into fire to escape, but Natsu easily devours the fire. Ace quickly transforms back into a human to prevent himself from being devoured, and he kicks Natsu in the face, but Natsu grabs Ace's foot and sends a fire infused punch bursting through Ace's chest, killing him.)

Winner = Natsu Dragneel

Reason= From the start, these 2 are basically at equal footing. While Ace might have the advantage in hand to hand combat due to his superior training, Natsu has the superior strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. Their fire attacks were useless against one another, with Ace being able to tank and turn into fire himself, rendering Natsu's fire attacks useless, while Natsu can eat most of Ace's fire attacks. But the sheer variety of Natsu's arsenal gives him the edge also. Being able to utilize Lightning, Black Flames, and enter the Dragon Force will allow him to eventually over power Ace in the long run, giving Natsu Dragneel the victory.


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Elektra Natchios



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