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Marvel and DC this are the two greatest action thrillling superhero comics/movies. Our generation is very lucky to have companies like these

An epic contests between 2 of the biggest companies in the superhero business. Marvel has the Avengers the, DC have the Justice League but who is better let's take a recap from the the 2 groups. Marvel's Captain America the living legend the man is a symbol of hope to america in DC they have the patriot the man who trained a lot of american hero's including the great Batman but in this case Batman has a bigger role in the JLA than the american patriot unlike marvels avengers where the american hero is the main man. The black panther from wakanda probably the only African superhero in the business and also the wealthiest hero, the DCU needs an African superhero to equalise the set pieces. Superman Batman Hal jordon wonder woman and the flash 5 of the greatest DCU hero's of all time, but what can happen when this hero's go face to face with these marvel icons Captain America Hulk Thor Spiderman black widow. Who do you think will win you decide


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