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The season finale of Game of Thrones saw a handful of characters definitely dead, dying, or probably-maybe dead. But the one possible death that had people absolutely losing it was that of fan favorite Jon Snow, seemingly the last truly noble man left in Westeros.

It was the one death that has broken us as a fandom, the one death we still just absolutely refuse to accept. Robb and Catelyn Stark, awful, but we dealt. Ygritte had us all "DAMMIT WHY", but we were still on board. Oberyn Martell--okay, we're still kind of salty about that one. But Jon Snow? Nope. No. That is where we draw the line.

To assuage their worst fears, fans immediately started to come up with theories about how Jon Snow wasn't dead and how he could come back for next season. Since then, anyone involved with Game of Thrones has been playing a hardcore denial game, stating in no uncertain terms that Jon Snow is dead, unequivocally dead.

But then...Kit Harrington was spotted in Belfast with the rest of the cast, where Game of Thrones is being filmed.

And now, HBO itself may have accidentally confirmed that Jon Snow does indeed live. Their annual post-season toy sale, "In Memorium," is a huge discount sale for all the toys and merchandise related to the characters who have died. Consider it their "We won't be needing this anymore" clearance sale.

Know whose merchandise wasn't added to this year's sale? You guessed it, Jon Snow. And while it could very well be that HBO feels Jon Snow is such a popular character that his merchandise would continue to sell well after his death (which it in all likelihood would), it's still very suspicious that he's not included in the annual death sale. We didn't actually see him take his last breath on the show, and, if we learned one thing from The Princess Bride, it's that

At this point, GoT cast and crew denying Jon Snow is alive is starting to feel like that time that J.J. Abrams kept trying to convince us that no, Benedict Cumberbatch totally wasn't playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness even as the mounting evidence flew in the face of his denials. And then admitted later that yeah, that was maybe a badly bungled situation in hindsight.

Let that be a lesson to you while playing your denial game, GoT. Don't go full Abrams. Never, ever go full Abrams.


Do you think Jon Snow lives?

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