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After nearly a decade, the Hindi sisters are still hard at work. And these days, it’s paying off in a big way.

The Hillywood Show, a YouTube channel created by Hannah and Hilly Hindi, has created a new parody. And this one revolves around the popular CW show, Supernatural. Not only has the recent parody hit the five million views mark on its two-month anniversary, but it also delivered a large surprise to its fans in the form of surprise cameos.

Thanks to Richard Speight and Osric Chau, two members of the Supernatural cast, fans were able to see a dozen Supernatural cast members, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, at the end of the parody. And so, delivering this sort of surprise to their viewers only strengthens their resolve to create the best possible parodies for their fanbase.

“With every parody [we create], we hope to bring in more fans,” said Hilly. “We do it for the fans that we have, but we hope that this parody reaches out to the actual fandom that we’re doing. Without that fandom, the video can’t survive.”

Since the creation of the Hillywood Show in 2006, the Hindi sisters have produced nearly twenty parodies. In the years since the enjoyable parodies have been made, each of them has earned over tens of millions of views, precisely the Twilight videos. But this Supernatural parody is different than the others. Since its release on May 22, it has received more views in that short period of time than any other parody in a year. And it couldn’t have been done without the fans supporting not only the show, but the girls as well.

Hilly and Hannah Hindi, founders of THS
Hilly and Hannah Hindi, founders of THS

Why have they decided to do a parody based on Supernatural, you may ask? The answer is simple. When planning their parodies, the Hindi girls not only take into consideration the fans’ comments, but also their own personal interests.

“With everything that we create, we have to be fans of it ourselves,” said Hannah. “If we were to create something we weren’t a fan of, there’s going to be no passion in it. We have to be [passionate about it] and enjoy ourselves to have fun while we’re filming.”

Along with selecting which parody to do, it takes The Hillywood Show months of preparation for one of their videos to be broadcast on their YouTube channel. With the help of Nerdist and their funding, the girls are able to establish their plan of attack, which includes coordinating their filming locations, the set designs, costumes, and much more.

Hannah Hindi and Osric Chau
Hannah Hindi and Osric Chau

For example, when examining the Supernatural parody, the intricacies that went behind creating this video are much complicated than one can imagine. First, the Hindi girls must get approval from Nerdist to get the funding required to create this parody. Once they have the nod of approval, they must get the music rights for their videos. That process alone can take up to two months.

“We do have a list of ideas that we want to do [for future parodies]. However, it really depends on approval by Nerdist, which can be frustrating at times,” said Hannah. “We want to keep going, but we need approval for funding, music rights, [and many other things]. Once we have that, we go, go, go [at] a hundred miles an hour.”

Speaking of music rights, for this parody specifically, the Hindi sisters decided to modify Taylor Swift’s world-renowned song, Shake It Off, to fit alongside the video. Both Hannah and Hilly sat down, hashed out the ideas, and put their brains together to form a wonderful remastered version of Shake It Off.

“It’s always been a team effort about how to [change] the lyrics [and fit it with the parody],” said Hilly. “But it’s also a pleasure working and helping others who have talent, even if they have no subscribers.”

With the help of a band from Sweden, they were able to modify the song appropriately as to have Dean Winchester (Hilly Hindi) sing Shake It Off without the, as Hannah said, “girl voice.”

Hilly Hindi & Osric Chau as Dean and Sam Winchester
Hilly Hindi & Osric Chau as Dean and Sam Winchester

As it turned out, along with the months of preparation, the Supernatural parody was the longest video they’ve had to make. Not only did the videotaping of the celebrities take four days by itself, the entire production took twice as long as any other parody done in the past.

“Usually, it takes us about a month to go into pre-production, along with scripting, the lyrics, costumes, purchasing the alterations, things like that,” said Hilly. “But Supernatural parody took us two months to get through the ‘knitty gritty’ of it all. It was pretty intense. Normally, I can pump these [parodies] out in two weeks, no extra time [needed]. But [with the Supernatural parody], I don’t think we realized how big this was. It was a really big project.”

Even though there were some complications along the way, such as horrific thunderstorms that enabled the girls from finishing their work, the Hillywood Show was able to film something no other could. With only nine days of production and a month of editing, the girls were able to produce an exceptional video and release it after the Season 10 finale of the CW show.

And the parody has not gone unnoticed. Not only has various cast members acknowledged the final product and gave it their thumb of approval, but various websites have also written articles on the show’s success and latest parody.

Hannah Hindi as Castiel
Hannah Hindi as Castiel

Recently, the Hindi sisters have attended the San Diego Comic Con, which gathered hundreds of thousands of fans in one location for three days. Many of the Supernatural cast, directors, and producers also attended, and were not shy to present their opinions to the girls. Needless to say, the comments were all positive.

“It was amazing to go to Comic Con and meet so many fans,” said Hannah. “We met so many people that had seen the video, and it was amazing because…it’s Comic Con. It’s filled with so many people.”

Even though their Supernatural parody has ended, the girls have not stopped since February. With sending out the T-Shirts to their fans and updating their social medias, they feel more tired than ever. And because of how demanding the Supernatural parody had been, the Hindi sisters have now taken a small hiatus from filming. They’re also concentrating on resting, teaching dance in various studios around them, attending numerous conventions, and releasing a Gag Reel from their latest parody.

This Gag Reel is not only a reward for the millions of views collected in the last two months, but it also gives the fans something to watch while they await the release of The Hillywood Show’s next parody, which should be in the months to come.

“[We would like to say] a big thank you to the fans who watch The Hillywood Show, and to all the new fans who are now just tuning in,” said Hilly. “We just love and appreciate them. They mean a lot to us, more than they know, and [we’d like to say] thank you for being the inspiration that we need to keep going. We can’t do it without people like them.”
The Hillywood Show attaining 5M views in 2 months
The Hillywood Show attaining 5M views in 2 months

Even though they are on their hiatus, The Hillywood Show’s brains never stop. Ideas for upcoming parodies continue to churn within their minds.

“We’re in the waiting process [for an idea of ours, but for now,] we’re enjoying Supernatural and embracing it before it blows away,” said Hilly. “We’re having fun with the fans, doing live streams weekly, still releasing vlogs about Comic Con, doing the video of the reaction winners… It’s just a very good time to gather ourselves together and hopefully, when the next one comes, God willing, we’ll just be able to put all of our time and energy into that.”
“It’s all in God’s timing,” said Hannah. “Everything works out for a time in the seasons, but we promise that, when we do find out our next idea, get approval, and it’s a go, we will be sharing it.”

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