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Clair de lune by Claude Debussy has been in several films and is one of the most iconic classical themes in all of music. Most would not consider having a movie marathon based on a single tune, but you have to admit, it could be fun.

There are several films that use the same song for varied effect. AC/DC's "Back in Black" plays in both "Iron Man 3" and "MegaMind". Bach's "Variation 15" was both in 1974's Terminal Man and "Solaris" in 2002. The number of movies "We Will Rock You" or "We are the champions" by Queen have graced is astounding, and includes classics like "High Fidelity", "Micky Blue Eyes", "The Mighty Ducks" and television shows like "Married With Children", "Malcolm in the Middle" and "The Simpsons."

Music, is as integral to film as direction, acting and screenplay. It can shape a scene in such a way that either grows the beauty of the film or collapse it into unsalvageable ruin. Example; Does the love scene from "Top Gun" work as well as it did without Belinda Carlisle's "Take my breath away?" I think not.

A double feature was once a Saturday staple in this country. Sometimes teenagers would head to the local cinema for a double that made sense. In our current time, this would be akin to maybe seeing "Avengers" and "Avengers 2" or maybe a more loose correlation like "Spiderman" and "Ant Man" being from the same Marvel universe.

Other times they may have used a single actor to bridge the gap. Sometimes they would project two recent comedies or maybe film's with similar themes. But many times they would just show two movies that had little or nothing to do with each other to make it a day for a couple or family. It was an event!

Which brings us to the meat of my title. An unlikely double feature. At first glance one might not think; "I'm gonna watch "Twilight" an "Oceans 11" today. However, there are some interestingly loose tie's to these films that could enrich your viewing pleasure. Both movies have action sequences. Both movies have likeable villains. Both movies have some sort of relationship either in the forefront or background. And while George Clooney doesn't sparkle like a vampire, both leading men of the films are considered gifted actors and GQ worthy.

Now back to that musical theme issue. "Clair De Lune" was the third portion of a larger suite of music. It was named after Paul Verlaine's 1869 poem of the same name. Though Claude Debussy began writing the piece in 1890, it wasn't completed till 1905. Interestingly, it translates to the word moonlight which in Oceans 11 is the time of day that Debussy's piece is played and obviously moonlight is rather important to vampires.

One thing that is thought-provoking is that the piece is used in Oceans 11 as a finality. George Clooney is headed to the police car while Julia Roberts is watching and then running to meet him where she declares he is her husband and her love pours for the time they will miss together.

In Twilight, it really is used as a beginning. It is the first time Bella Swan is in Edwards house. It is the first time she is meeting his family. And it is the first time she is in his room. She see's his music collection and thinks it is impressive, then asks "So what are we listening, too?" and pushes play on the CD player. Clair De Lune begins to play and before Edward says the title she surprises him by knowing the piece already.

So, sit back. Head to netflix and listen to the music make a movie by watching this unlikely double feature. Plus, come on....its Julia Roberts and Team could you go wrong?


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