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There has been a lot of talk regarding Jared Letos tatted take on The Clown Prince of Crime. Many people have a major problem with it and many people, like myself, are intrigued and are just wondering what the story behind them will be. As a fan of the character and the comics, I know that all of the tattoos depicted are references to the characters history. Why The Joker would brand himself with such iconography would seem odd, considering he has no clue of his place in pop culture history. Or maybe he does? Watching the trailer for Suicide Squad gave me an odd theory as to why The Joker would do such a thing. Allow me to share with you said theory.

So in the trailer for The Suicide Squad, there is a brief scene depicting The Jokers henchmen going in for some sort of dubious activities. The henchmen are all dressed up in various costumes and masks, and among them is one wearing a "Batman: The Animated Series" version of the Dark Knights cowl. An interesting choice, for sure. But the mask is definitely a store bought version,meaning that it already existed and was not hand made by the individual. So maybe in the world of Zack Snyders Dark Knight, he has been depicted in comics and/or animated series before. I mean, The Batman has been operating in Gotham for some 20 years or more. There must have been some interesting stories told of him that led to Artists and story tellers wanted to create tales of his activities. And this brings me to my theory regarding The Jokers Tattoos.

If, in this universe, there ARE indeed stories that have been circulating about Batman in the entertainment media then there certainly must have been the same in regards to his enemies. The Joker being his most "theatrical" and visually interesting villain. And let's say that in the Suicide Squad film, The Joker has been in prison for some time and have been given these comics to check out. I think he would find them incredibly amusing. I think he would get a kick out of the way the Artist visually represented his laugh, as well as other parts of his history. So in a very ironic sort of fashion he would want to brand himself with the history that was shown via these Artists. He would find it funny to celebrate himself, and maybe, show his victims how proud he is of himself and his gruesome deeds. He would also want to celebrate his love for Harley Quinn by immortalizing her impact on him. In this world as seen through the trailer, this Joker definitely has a rock star persona and is very much about being seen. Anyway, it's just a theory. What do you guys think?


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