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When the Despicable Me film series started in 2010, it was a shockingly massive hit for Illumination Entertainment. Gru and the gang were great and all, but even more surprising was the breakout success of everyone's favorite yellow fellows, the Minions.

Having their own movie released this year, it's evident that our love for the Minions is no joke. For some fans, this means taking their love of the gibberish-speaking guys to the extreme by going so far as to have them inked on their bodies!

Here are a handful of the most popular - and our favorite - tattoos on Instagram celebrating all of the fun, silliness of the Minions:

1. This Minion making adorable puppy eyes

2. This Minion who is really excited about his banana

3. This tatted Minion

*Not technically a tattoo yet, but I'm sure any Minions superfan would be happy to rep this little guy!

4. This Minion jumping for joy

5. This Walking Minion tribute

6. This smug Minion

7. This major Minion accident

8. This Minion who is a little tied up

9. This teddy bear hugging Minion

10. This skater Minion

11. This Captain America Minion

12. This space-loving BuzzMinion

13. This little Minion who wants to be where the people are

14. This Minion who loves the Packers

15. This Minion who also wants to go to infinity and beyond

16. This Punk Minion

17. This Deadpool Minion

Getting a tattoo is one of the most serious ways to display your love of your favorite fandom. From the looks of things, the people who love Minions are not only dedicated, but also have a great sense of humor! I guess we shouldn't be too surprised given the subject of their admiration.

(Source: Instagram)


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