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i love comiics, my favorite heroes are Nightwing, Constantine, and batman
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Since Batman is the one of the hottest properties for film right now (even more than he ever has been), i thought I'd do a countdown of my favorite Batman movies Live action or even animated, now this is just my personal opinion and if you get mad at my picks i'm fine with that, everyone has their own opinion on this subject.

10. the Dark Knight Trilogy

Batman Begins (2005)
Batman Begins (2005)

I wont go into full detail about why i absolutely hate this trilogy but I'll say three main points as to why I don't like it. #1. the actors, #2. it didn't feel like i was watching a Batman movie, and lastly the action.

9. Batman Returns

Don't get me wrong I loved Michael Keaton as Batman, he's one one of my favorite Batmen ever, and even though this movie was awesome it kinda felt crowded from all the new characters, and it was really dark like Batman setting a dude on fire and blowing another dude up dark.

8. Schumacher films

YES I LIKE THESE FILMS MORE THAN THE NOLAN TRILOGY!!! I may be the only person with this opinion but I loved George Clooney as Batman, and i think he deserves more credit than what he gets because all the actors and even the director had to do what the studio told them to do.

7. Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Where do i start about this movie. There's the amazing dialog, the acting, and the story and ending, if you are a Batman fan and you haven't seen this then you need to stop what you are doing and rent it or buy it and watch it right now.

6. Dark Knight Returns

This is one of the Best Batman stories ever created and the film adaptation that is just as amazing because you get to see Batman physically beat the crap out of Superman and tell him one of the most bada** lines ever.

5. Batman 1966


4. the Mask of the Phantasm

This movie was one of the best animated films ever, it has one of the best villains ever, and it was amazing seeing everything this film had to offer.

3. Batman

I'm Batman... this movie started the iconic line that we all know and love copy, this movie had it all Tim Burton directing, Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Michael Keaton as Batman, and one of the best movie themes ever.

2. Batman Under the Red Hood

There are so many things that are awesome about this movie, the amazing plot and twist near the end of the film (well it's not a spoiler if you read the comics or looked up the Red Hood on google). The actors they got, I love Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing, Jensel Ackles as Red Hood and Bruce Greenwood as Batman, all the actors had chemistry and the dialog was perfect.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/ the Batman

Now I know neither of these films have come out yet but I believe in Affleck because he has loved Batman since he was a kid, it's highly unlikely he would ever half ass it and make a bad Batman movie. From the trailers that have been released it seems like he's bringing something we've never seen before, a truly angry and motivated Batman that doesn't just punch and kick his enemy but actually knows how to fight in different styles of martial arts, and he could bring a lot more than what we have ever seen. In summary Affleck was da bomb in Phantoms yo and he will be da bomb as Batman


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