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So I know many of you are enjoying The Walking Dead tv show right? You probably want some place to go to talk about your ideas of The Walking Dead too right? Well then you have found the right place! Come visit The Bitchin Dixons. The Bitchin Dixons are a group of people (both men and women alike) who love The Walking Dead, and The Boondock Saints. Many fansites are geared just towards women, but not ours. We wanted to create a place for everyone to go and get the best news we can find. We do not post spoilers, so everyone is safe. We will also be covering the new show Fear The Walking Dead too. We have several cast members in our group that you can send a message to, and they will message you back as soon as you have time. So why did we create this awesome place you ask? We created it for YOU! So you guys(we have 4,000 members in over 40 countries!) could chat and get the most exclusive news right to your Facebook or Twitter accounts! We even film a documentary every year at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta FREE for your viewing! We see all the hard work, and dedication the cast and crew give to us, so this is our way of giving back! If you want to join us just come to (<---No typo) or follow us at @BitchinDixons on Twitter. After you have joined head over to to check out all of the awesome things we have there, including previous years documentaries, and we CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!


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