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Ant-Man is a very fun and ANT-mazing film for the whole family, while offering something unique to the superhero genre.

While a lot of people were expecting this film to "suck major balls" people should be pleasantly surprised. before I go into the spoilers I will give a very brief and short non-spoiler review: Go watch now! I's funny, and in my top 3 best marvel solo films to date. you'll laugh, you'll cry. you get to see Paul Rudd and Michael freaking Douglas have banter. Evangeline lily is in it, so lost fans, Kate kicks @$$!!! oh and they have not one but 2 post-credit clips.

okay are you guys still Here? don't get mad at me for reading spoilers. okay, so lets get this show on the road *activates ant-man suit and shrinks into the review* WHEEEEEEEEEE!!

So we began in 1989 at the Triskelion which is being built (you know the the place that cap destoryed in the winter soilders finale?) where a young hank pym played by Michael Douglas himself, berates an older Peggy carter and Howard stark and mitch carson about the dangers of the pym particles and how shield was going behind his back to use them. Pym resigns after beating the crap out of someone.

flash forward to july 17th 2015, san Quentin, San fransisc where Scott lang gets his ritualistic goodbye form his jail mates (it invovles getting punch in the face...a lot.) form here we meet one of the true stars of the movie, luis, Michael Pena who has up to this point been a very dramatic actor as delivered a hidden talent. he's funny as [email protected]! frankly he,T.I. and Dave Dastmalchian are jsut hillarious and work well with everyone. this story at least what sets it apart form the fact that many people will be quoting basket robbins "Basket Robbins always finds out." quote that the story between Hank and his organic views within in the MCU and Scotts views work out well. both have there own father daughter redemption story going on and all the gags, one liners, etc feel organic and not forced.

while Yellowjacket/ daren cross could of been a bit better, He was a fantastic villain and maybe he's still out after all they did leave in some room for an ant-man 2.

It's funny how much I enjoyed this film. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 ants. go watch it for yourself, speaking of which, what did you guys think of it?


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