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Former Doctor Who Producers Launch Bad Wolf TV Production Company.

Series 1 of the revived had a main storyline throughout consisting of "Bad Wolf" throughout it. Bad Wolf is a message which is spread across in space and time to get Rose back to Satellite 5 to save the Doctor. Now Bad Wolf Productions is coming to life for real! Will the Annedroid be part of this? Hope not!

Former Doctor Who producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner have chosen said lupine moniker for their new US/UK production company, which will have bases in both South Wales and Los Angeles. I really doubt that it will consist of robot Weakest Link and Big Brother. Bad Wolf will be creating high-end TV Shows and Films.

“TV has changed beyond all recognition in the past decade. Huge international productions made on movie scale budgets have put British TV at the forefront of this revolution. We are delighted to be working with the Welsh government to grow this industry and continue to benefit the economy of Wales.”- Jane Tranter

“Jane and I have filmed all over the globe and know, first hand, that the talent base in South Wales is world class. We are thrilled to be embarking on this new venture surrounded by such shared talent and passion.” - Julie Gardner

This could lead to something really exciting in the coming future! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Bad Wolf Productions.


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