ByBrian Kearns, writer at
I cant express how much I was looking forward to "Judge Dredd" and the disappointment with actually seeing it. "Dredd" was the movie that it should have been, The Story and the Man. But as has been said here, "Dredd" didn't have the look of MC1 , "JD" did. Stallone has said that He knew from the first Day that this was not going to be good, But instead of trying to make it better, He went for the Pay check and could care less what happened after release, As far as I remember He did as little promotion for the Movie as His contract would allow, He still doesn't discuss "JD" in interviews today. Karl Urban is a Dredd fan, Has been for years and said from the start that if it didn't do Justice to the comic He would pull out. He stayed, And they made quite a good movie about One day in the life of a Mega City Judge. That's where the comparison with the comic ends. K Dredd is Not the full Dredd of 2000AD, Its a likeness of the lawman, The Harshness of "Old Stony Face" in not there. The undying belief that the Law is everything is missing. It's a god representation of Dredd, But far from perfect. Can anyone who knows Dredd Imagine that He would start a days shift with a scuff mark on His boots Never mind scratches on the Helmet? Or the sight of 1970's VW vans on the slab in the opening scene? It just looked out of place. MC1 looked too spaced, The blocks ware too neat, Too much room between them. Stallone's MC1 looked right, City blocks sitting shoulder to shoulder with each other, Very little room to move, The omnipresent fear that You have no privacy, No part of Your life is safe from the Judges. It looked right. It had it's flaws as well, The slab rollers ware too slow, the Cits ware not angry enough, And the Hover bikes? Where do they think they are? Hondo? Overall Dredd is a better movie because it had a better story, and a cast who cared, And knew, About Judge Dredd. It defiantly deserves a second movie, One that takes in one of the Epic story line, Then We will get the Dredd We deserve. If You read some of the filler Dredd story's You will find some of the silliness of the Stallone's Movie. But If You read the true defining story's of Dredd You will find that Karl Urban was closer to the mark.

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