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DC has been releasing about three animated to - dvd films a year the last three years. I have not kept up with the last couple of DC's animated batman movies but i have watched all of the original batman animated series and with the man him self playing the man him self in this movie i will defiantly be watching this one!

Those reading that do not know, Mark hamill played the voice of the original joker in batman the animated series. To me this is the signature voice of the Joker, Mark Hamill has been doing it for so long it is really fluent and captures the crazy , psychotic personality of the joker. Mark hamills voice really captures both the more real to life interpretation of heath ledger and Jared Leto's Joker.

On twitter Dylan Kimmell tweeted Mark Hamill asking him to be the voice of the joker in the upcoming film, Mark Hamill responded "My fingers are still crossed!"

Possible spoiler.

The animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's DC's award-winning graphic novel The killing joke is the closest we have of a Joker origin story. In the novel it shows flash backs of when the joker had a child and was married to a beautiful wife living in a small apartment. The joker quit his job and is trying (but failing) to make it as a comedian.

Well we all know the joker as a insane but hilariously entertaining villain, we get a little glimpse of how he was before...a scared man loosing his mind and family in a big city.

We also see how Gorden's daughter gets parallelized and ends up in a wheel chair.

The joker and his wife in The Killing comic
The joker and his wife in The Killing comic


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