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Hey everybody, Ethan here from StubMaster Reviews and i'm trying to finish all the films on my Netflix list which lead me to this film. Creep was directed by Patrick Brice and written by himself and Mark Duplass who are also the two protagonists of the film. The film follows Aaron (Brice) an amateur videographer who responds to a Craiglist ad, where he must document Josef's (Duplass) time talking to his unborn son and explaining to him how he is dying of cancer. But all is not as it seems in this cabin in the woods, found footage film. Lets get into Creep!

Going into the film, I first saw its runtime and was at first intimidated by how much of the film I had already seen in the trailer. The film clocks in at 77 minutes and is short, even by hollywoods standard. And while Creep did at times feel predictable and a few things were given away in the trailer, I think that for every one thing which was sort of given away, the film gives two or three scenes that just blindside the viewer. The film has a constant and unnerving tone throughout it as Josef keeps trying to push the boundaries of what it means to "be somebody's friend" and he is just an absolutely creepy individual, immediately you can tell that something is off about him.. But as you learn more and more about him, you just start to feel bad for the guy and it doesn't help that Duplass plays Josef incredibly. He is charming in a sort of dopey way but you slowly see darker sides of him . As for the other character of Aaron, all I can say about him is that Brice gives a fine performance. It isn't the most demanding role to act scared and to have to say lines to the camera, just be reactionary in general. While he gives a good performance he is out shined by Duplass's Josef.

Mark Duplass's Josef.
Mark Duplass's Josef.

As mentioned before, the film has an absolutely horrifying atmosphere. With no music until the end credits, the film will constantly leave you in a position where Aaron has to traverse the house in absolute silence. The silence is only broken by one of the films flaws. A poor jump scare. Throughout the film the audience is subjected to jump scares that involve Josef scaring Aaron and blaming it on his strange sense of humor. While it makes sense in the film, I just wanted the scares to have some sort of meaning. A loud noise and doesn't mean for a good film. While I thought the jump scares where not done well, I think that the scenes that were oozing with tension and kept me holding my blanket was just the dialogue. The idea of slowly, over time uncovering who Josef really is and find out whats really going on is just plain terrifying.

To conclude Creep, takes complete hold of the viewer with its unnerving atmosphere, scary protagonist and its compelling story. Although it is bogged down by its somewhat predictability, cliches and poor jump scares. It is more than worth checking out if you want to be frightened for 77 minuets.

Creep gets a 4 out of 5 stars.

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