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Cult sitcom, "Community," may have been cancelled by NBC after its five season run, but has found new life on Yahoo. Now, after season 6, it seems as though the future of Dan Harmon's "Community" is up in the air once again - but perhaps, if it were up to the stars, Joel McHale and Ken Jeong, the show would be continuing for at least season 7 and a movie.

Variety caught up with Jeong, just off the set of his new ABC sitcom, "Dr. Ken," and discussed his thoughts on the future of "Community."

I will do anything ‘Community’ related. That show was so important to me and I’ve learned so much from Dan Harmon and my fellow castmates about television, and I’ve really become a better actor from that show. I’m really setting my hopes on a movie. I really think the stars are aligned to do it. I honestly haven’t heard anything official for a seventh season or a movie, but I’d want to be a part of both. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be asking. There’s always room for a little Chang in anything.

Jeong also went on to talk a little more about Yahoo and why season 6 of "Community" is the best yet.

I can’t give Yahoo enough credit. That is the new age of television. NBC cancelled it and then Yahoo picks it up, and then we go to have the best year we’ve ever had since the early days of ‘Community.’ There is something to be said about Dan Harmon doing his thing on Yahoo and not being as restricted and can do episodes where he doesn’t have to clock in at 21 minutes.

Sources speculate that a seventh season is unlikely due to all contracts having to be renegotiated, but Jeong states that other cast members, especially McHale, want to see more "Community" episodes in the future.

We’re all doing our own projects now. I look at our ‘Community’ universe as expanded. We haven’t broken up. We are the Duran Duran of comedy. We split up, but we’ll always be together. Joel, he’s the ring leader. He wants to do ‘Community’ more than anything else. I was just with him at the ESPYs last week, and all we did was talk about ‘Community.’ We’re like, ‘How do we get this thing going?’ We’re always talking. We’re all in touch all the time.

Six seasons and a movie has been the mantra of "Community" and its fans for years now, and while a movie still appears to be on the table, I think that I speak for all fans when I say that the more seasons, the better.

Truer words never spoken
Truer words never spoken

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