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Following in Maleficent's footsteps, Cruella de Vil is planned as the next Disney villain to get her own movie. But the most important thing I hope Disney does is to NOT make Cruella redeemable like they did to Maleficent. Because it worked for her but I don't think it'll work for Cruella. Now Glenn Close who played the role in the earlier live action movies that Disney did, is signed on to produce the film - here is my premise for the film:

Cruella lives with a loving father and an abusive stepmother. When Cruella is about five years old, she secretly witnesses her stepmother kill her father by shooting him. From that time on Cruella is forced to live in the staircase closet and suffer endless abuse and neglect from her stepmother, until she is 18 years old when she finally snaps and kills her stepmother stabbing her repeatedly with a knife. She then kills the family dog as well.

Then we go into the events that are canon...

Cruella builds a fashion empire, Anita is her employee and best designer, and her reasons for a Dalmatian puppy coat is that puppy fur is more soft than full grown dog fur. Roger is a songwriter who Anita meets, falls in love with and marries. The rest is history.

Here's my cast:

Lady Gaga as Cruella de Vil

Chloe Grace Moretz as Teen Cruella

Michael Weatherly as Cruella's Father

Rachel Weisz as Cruella's Stepmother

Chris Hemsworth as Jasper

Jonah Hill as Horace

Armie Hammer as Roger

Emmy Rossum as Anita

So what do you all think of this? Leave a comment below!


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