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This is my first article, so please excuse any errors or mistakes. I'll do my best. So here we go. From the very beginning I was a fan of Ben Affleck as Batman. I mean no offense to the hardcore Bale fans or any other Batman for that matter. As a die hard Batman fan I can find things I love about every portrayal of Batman, yes even Adam West and George Clooney's portrayals. Kevin Conroy has also been the voice in my head when I think about Batman, and now Ben Affleck's Batman is what I see when I think about Batman. There are so many reasons why this portrayal will be the best and probably even more reasons that will be discovered when the movie is finally released. Let's start with some of the easiest reasons.

1. This Batman finally has the right suit for the job

Ever since Tim Burton's Batman all we have seen have been solid black or very darkly covered batsuits. I'll admit yeah it would seem more practical for hiding in shadows but all black just isn't his style...unless we're talking about Batman Beyond. This is the suit that I have been waiting my whole life to see on the big screen. The inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns is amazing and the modernization will perfectly compliment Henry Cavill's Superman suit. I can't talk about the batsuit without touching on his armored suit as well. The armor looks like it jumped straight out of The Dark Knight Returns which is a fanboy's dream.

2. Speaking of Superman and the armor leads me to my second point

This is a Batman who is bold, and who does not fear anything, one that will stand face to face with Superman, who is basically a god, and he doesn't back down even without his armor on. That is the Batman we all know and love from the comics. Ben Affleck's Batman doesn't run from any danger and instead he runs straight towards danger even as plain old Bruce Wayne as we see in the trailer. Bale's Bruce Wayne was bold though when he stopped the assassination attempt with his Lamborghini in The Dark Knight but not even that Batman stood face to face with a god.

3. Finally we are going to see what looks to be a truly tortured Bruce Wayne

Not only has he seen the loss of his parents but he has also lost Jason Todd to the hands of the Joker. And now he feels the loss of lives in the wreckage of a Wayne Enterprises building in Metropolis. Batman's sadness and tortured soul is what fuels his anger, what makes him Batman, he has turned a pain into a strength. That is the Batman from the comics. Val Kilmer's Bruce Wayne did a pretty decent job of showing the tortured soul aspect and during Batman Begins Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne uses his pain to fuel his adventures and journey to be Batman. However Bale's Bruce fails terribly in The Dark Knight. After The Dark Knight Batman has only been Batman presumably twice because at the end of Batman Begins Gordon hands him the calling card and then right away at the beginning of The Dark Knight the Joker is in town. So after only being Batman twice and losing his love he retires for 8 years! If anything losing Rachael should have fueled his rage and he should have been out breaking necks for 8 years. But instead he turned sad and felt "oh woe is me Gotham hates me, I must retire". But finally we are getting a Batman truly driven by his pain, which will make this the strongest Batman yet.

Ben Affleck in BvS: tortured
Ben Affleck in BvS: tortured

4. Ben Affleck looks like Bruce Wayne

If you've watched the trailer like I know we all have (probably hundreds of times) you have noticed that this Bruce Wayne looks like one that we know and love. He's suave and sophisticated, he blends perfectly with the high end crowd. Unlike Bale who always played a sometimes rude, obnoxious, playboy who fell asleep during board meetings. Of course Bruce Wayne is a playboy but he is also suppose to be very intelligent and a likable person. Someone who still pays some attention to his company. From the trailer's it looks like we are finally getting the quintessential Bruce Wayne. I mean just look at him hitting it up with Wonder Woman herself. Ben Affleck has the charisma and the ability to command a presence that is what will make his Bruce Wayne stand out from the rest.

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in Batman vs Superman
Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in Batman vs Superman

5. In every other Batman movie his fighting on screen has been limited

and even Bale's Batman failed to show the level of fighting Batman is truly capable of. Batman is trained in many forms of martial arts, not just one. In Nolan's Trilogy Batman sticks with mainly one combat style. And even then he doesn't fight a whole lot. One of my biggest hopes is that we will finally have a Batman that can truly fight anybody. And from the trailer it looks like we are going to see Batman as an expert fighter and take the offensive more so than the defensive.

6. My final point is one that I have learned from listening to Kevin Smith podcasts...

...and that is he knows Ben will not let himself not be the best. That's because Ben has been a fan of Batman, he already knew the character and what he should be. Ben Affleck is a very talented actor. Sure he has been in some movies that people have disliked but in my opinion in even the not so good movies it was never Affleck who was the problem. The problem laid with the writing and directing of the film itself. And in recent years Ben has proved himself as a very capable actor and even an amazing director. This is also why I cannot wait to see a solo Batman film directed by Affleck himself. That will be a movie that cannot be missed.

These were just a few reasons why I believe Ben Affleck will be the best. I hope this article was decent for my first one. I'm sorry for any mistakes made. I would love to have feedback or just opinions. I really don't mean to offend anyone especially if you're a fan of another batman. I love every portrayal, this is just my opinion and why I think Affleck will become the Batman we all think of, just like Heath Ledger has become the iconic Joker for this time.


Which reason do you think will make Ben Affleck a better Batman than the rest?


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