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Chris Martinez

With the release of Ant-Man thus ending Marvel's Phase 2, we come now to the beginning of Marvel's Phase 3 with the introduction of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) putting our favorite superheroes at each others' neck, excitement for some but dark days for the years to come, let me explain on both ends. I say excitement for some because ever since we got a good glimpse of the fight between some of our heroes whether they be verbal or physical on paper or on the big screen it gives that excitement to see who is going to win. For example the verbal argument between Captain America and Iron in The Avengers.....

We see here that just within this argument it was a foreshadow of things to come that would soon escalate into something bigger. But seeing this argument gave us all goosebumps seeing that this argument would escalate into a fight if it had not been interrupted.

But now we come to dark days that are soon to come. The golden age of our heroes uniting is now over, now enter the age about what happens when the opinions of a teammate is clashes with the opposite opinion of the other teammate. What happens when trying to save the world is alot different than another persons point of view of saving the world as we saw in Age Of Ultron?

Just this scene here we see Stark's and Roger's difference of saving the world versus protecting it starts to come to light. If you haven't read The Civil War series I most definitely suggest you read it because we finally get to see what happens when an incident that not only affects the people worldwide but affects our superheroes, it causes the question of are superheroes the cause of the problem of the solution to the problem???

Back to my original thought Dark Days are coming for our heroes mainly because it will be no longer a matter of loyalty amongst friends but a matter of what cause are you loyal to??? Once Civil War begins, a series that split the comic book community apart especially on having to choose a side, many other heroes will come forth such as Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, The Inhumans and soon the darkest of them all The Infinity Wars introducing Thanos to the Heroes world. Civil War ask the question which side are you for??? Captain America or Iron Man??

Captain America is due to come out in May 6, 2016. Will you be ready to choose a side?? Decisions, decisions.........


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