ByThomas Kohain, writer at

Woah. Guys, this was the best one yet. Hayden is a chimera? And What the fuck was that thing that Theo killed? Theo knew about Stiles killing Donovan? Off course he did. But then again, he doesn't try to steal Scott away from Stiles. He tries to Stiles keep away from Scott. He did save Stiles, he did kill that boy. His eyes didn't turn Blue, because that guy wasn't innocent. Also now Stiles has to tell Scott, 2 secrets and they still won't know that Theo is bad. Or he keeps both and they fight in Episode 8 or 9 about the pack keeping secrets from eachother. Once again, nice seeing Brett. Liam? You go baby! nice! he was great. Then we got Scott, Scott? He lost his powers guys. Every Hero, Every Action star, Every good guy. Looses there power. Is this going to be long? Maybe full episode 7? Or the doctors will grab hi and experience him? And then in 8 they forgot he's actually a True Alpha and then he looses all the experiments in him and becomes stronger. Saves his pack and then we become in Eichen house in episode 8 at the end. In episode 9 Lydia is in for the lead, with telling a little story, when Scott, Stiles, Malia and Liam search for Lydia. Maybe Kira too, or she might have turn bad already then. And what about Theo? Are we finally gonna find out something about his past? Then good guess, In episode 11, he returns too. He won't die easily. What about Parrish? 2 episodes left and we know what he is. Yeah people, 2 episodes and we know it. But for him, that can take to episode 9 or 10. When we become in Eichen House, Deputy Parrish might save Lydia, or is it Stiles? Or just Scott? I can't wait anymore.


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