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Ant-Man another movie in Marvel Cinematic universe with much lesser popular character to the not comic fans. Marvel have come with a formula to not make a bad and make every movie fit into their cinematic universe and create their own franchise. A movie where characters control ants and make it not look stupid then they have done very good job at narrating story.

Starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Micheal Douglas, Antony Mackie, Micheal Peria and Wood Harris. The movie had loads of trouble during production and changing director and was doomed to fail but after watching the movie it tells everything we expect is wrong.

The movie is lot of fun, knowing the fact that its not big like other in Marvel franchise like Iron Man or Captain America but still its a good movie and surprisingly exceeded my expectation. But still movie rides on the comedic timing like every other marvel movie and its funny, entertaining and really small at scale inside the movie but very big at entertainment factor.

The movie is about a scientist Hank Pym hiding his most advanced technology from getting into the hands of the wrong people, after many years when one of his trusted assistant on whom he has lost trust comes close to bringing back the technology the Hank Pym senses danger to the entire world will be put into and teams with a Burglar and his daughter and three small time thief's to stop him. The movie plot completely revolves around this story and few other subplots of main character finding it hard find a job be a responsible daughter for his divorced wife and her current troubling cop husband. The three small time thief's who bring loads of humour to the narration. All the subplots and main plots completes fits with each other to make complete fun movie.

The strongest part the movie is fun you have watching, the narration maintains well balance between humour and emotions, humour is seen throughout the movie and movie has very likable characters. The characters and movie itself addresses that its not big movie as some of other marvel movies and falcon from Captain America 2 was the coolest addition to the movie. The actions are slick, and when he turns small and whole world looks huge is really well shot and looks amazing. The little problem i had was with the ants in the movie, there were loads of ants and most of the part they were in they looked CGI and robotic rather than realistic.

The movie feels bit of Kung Fu Panda where the master sees evil in the his pupil and rejects him to choose most unlikely character to be the one and part Iron man 1 where the baddie is trying to get his hands on the most bad ass technology in the world and lead tries to stop him and final battle between main guy vs baddie in their cool technically advanced armour/suits.

The acting of every character is very good enjoyable and enough emotional content attached to each of them. The lead Paul Rudd trying to connect ti his daughter, and Hank Pym (Michel Douglas) sorting out his complex relationship with daughter(Evangeline Lilly) and villain who goes crazy for being pushed away from his mentor.


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