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Figuring it out

Most of my happiest moments are when I'm laying on my bed in my Pj's with a bunch of movies lined up or even better when I go out to the movies. Usually when I'm having a movie night there's a theme. Movies I've never seen, movies with a certain actor in it, even movies that were referenced in other movies. Like today, The movies on todays list are tied around time travel. The Back to the Future trilogy, Donnie Darko, Looper, The Terminator movies, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Time Travelers Wife, and any others that I'm able to watch before I fall asleep or my computer dies and I'm to lazy to find my charger. I've watched a lot movies that depict different ways of time travel. I remember a while back my friends and I were really hyped for Project Almanac, but at the end we got pissed off at each other fighting over each others theories. It might just be me, but I love it when a movie makes me think beyond what I saw in the film.

Are there any other time travel movies worth watching or fighting over?


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