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David Harris
Take your smart phone hold it sideways and notice where your thumbs rest. Most likely your thumbs are in the, now upper, corners. The left corner is where a small PSP like analog "nipple" controller should go with a D-pad under it. In the right corner a small set of four ABCD buttons should be placed with a second analog PSP nipple under it. In the rear corners right behind your thumbs is where the rocker buttons belong. Doing this would only increase the length a small bit but the payoff would be a more comgortably balanced device. Next place the stereo speakers in the now bottom corners facing the player. This placement would use the users palms as an encloser increasing bass response. Speaking of bass, the inclusion of two vibrators by the speakers that lightly vibrate to the bass frequencies would fool the brain into "hearing" bass that the speakers cannot produce. Of course they'd be used as normal controller vibrators as well and would be turned off in battery save mode. If a player wanted a more traditional controller size and bigger feeling rumble pack, it could be offered as a case with its own battery to use as either a battery extender for the phone, or, for the cases bluetooth so it could be removed. Why? Because you might want to plug this phone into your TV with its built in HDMI port or use Chromecast. Id also build into the phone, and case, a kick stand because,,, just because. To increase community, I'd have a second WIFI dedicated for device to device play that doesn't interfere with any other WIFI usage.

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