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I'm going to fan cast some of the batman villains for the DCCU! Hopefully we will get to see a whole lot of great batman adversaries in the coming years and I wanted to do a fun little fancast thing. I'm only going to have three villains for now because I'm doing this late at night and I got tired halfway through but here's part one of my casting!

Hugo Strange - Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is a great actor and has the perfect looks for the character. Plus, he's already proved he can play a great villain as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

The Riddler - Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake transformed himself for the role of Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler. He lost 30 pounds for the role and would run through the night with his eyes wide open for miles in preparation to play the character. If Warner Bros could snag a fantastic actor like Gyllenhaal to play riddler, we're in for a hell of a villain.

Deathstroke - Stephen Lang

Not much to say about this... But I think he'd be a kickass Deathstroke


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