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Fluffy Duckerman

For my entry of the Unlikely Double Feature contest, I have picked a comedy and horror film with one thing in common, ghosts. I have chosen the cult classic Ghostbusters and the famous found footage horror film Paranormal Activity. Ever watched a horror movie right after a comedy movie? It would definitely be interesting.

What The Audience Is Thinking When They're Watching Ghostbusters:

People will be reacting fairly normal to Ghostbusters. It's a pretty funny film so I imagine there's going to be some fans here and there saying the lines of the film as it goes along. People will laugh, cheer, smile, that is...until they see the next film...

What The Audience Is Thinking When They're Watching Paranormal Activity:

After watching a comedy movie about ghosts, I doubt that the audience will be taking demonic beings seriously anymore. Paranormal Activity will quickly go from a Horror film into Satire where everyone keeps yelling "Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!"

Fans of Paranormal Activity will get a kick out of mocking they're favourite horror film while people who hate Paranormal Activity will get joy out of comparing it to a film like Ghostbusters.

Having a comedy and a horror film right next to each other is an absurd contrast that will get a laugh out of the audience. It gives the audience an interesting and unique insight into both films. Good luck to the rest of the contestants and have a good day!


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