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So I hear [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) has a lot riding on it. It's almost as if it's building upon a forty year heritage that changed the film sci-fi landscape and established the emotional groundwork for what films should be like for millions! Of course, JJ Abrams has a massive task ahead of him, and the fallout from Star Wars fans if he messes up could be huge. However, there is one vital element he has on his side... the prequels.

Following the Star Wars prequels is like being at a stand up gig, and following someone who fluffed every joke, threw up and somehow sent positive pregnancy tests to the respective mothers of everyone in the audience. No matter what you do, you're gonna be well received. The strange thing about the Star Wars prequels is that they threw into question a number of continuity issues that conflict with the original trilogy. Now, Episode 7 has the choice of taking sides, and putting to rest out pedantic fandom once and for all! What are some of the biggest plot holes Star Wars Episode 7 should rectify?

Clone troopers

Finn started so many arguments!
Finn started so many arguments!

So let's get the obvious issue out the way first. Perhaps the very first discussion coming from the first trailer for The Force Awakens was whether this movie was sticking to a continuity where all Storm Troopers were former clone troopers. Putting aside some of the slightly unsavory racial angles some people took, John Boyega quite clearly ain't the guy who played Jango Fett. And even then, would we really want a storm trooper played by an aging Temuera Morrison in role just for the sake of matching up with Attack of the Clones?


Where are we?
Where are we?

Some fans have noted the inconsistency between the prequels and the original trilogy in that the level of technology seems to take a dive between story arcs. Hardware that looked like blenders with Virtua Boys strapped to them is preceded by holograms, floating platforms and stuff that borders on magic years before. The real life answer is obviously that Star Wars was made in the 70s, yet the trappings of what was "sci-fi" back then have become neat and retro to us now. It's the same reason Alien is still awesome today.

An in-universe explanation for this could come with the fact that infrastructure took a hit with the absence of the republic and the rise of a careless Empire. Will Episode 7 return us to that haggard worn aesthetic from decades ago? Of course, for the trailers so far seem to exhibit the rustic look that fans have grown to love.



I kind of love that I can write an article about potential plot holes in Star Wars Episode 7, and have a whole section simply titled "ghosts". Better yet, people know exactly what I'm talking about. Nothing messes up Star Wars continuity faster than ghosts. Everyone remembers the debacle a few years back when Hayden Christensen was awkwardly shoved into the end of Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens will have to tread carefully if it wants to introduce Jedi spirits once more. Maybe we'll have to see a flashy Yoda in the distance just to please fans, or we'll even be treated to glowing blue Ewan McGreggor for two seconds of screen time. Ughh.

Leia remembering her mother

"But she used the forc-" Shut up!
"But she used the forc-" Shut up!

I'm sure some prequels adherent has explained this away in some dank internet crevice, but I won't listen. I want those movies to not be canon, and nothing you say can stop me! Perhaps JJ Abrams will be tempted to put this whole argument to rest by giving Leia some explicit lines like "yes, I remember my mother. I remember her not dying in childbirth despite being tended to by an impossibly advanced midwife robot. And no she didn't lose the will to live. That would just be silly!"

So there you have just a few plot holes that Star Wars Episode 7 should put to rest. If you want more on The Force Awakens, click right here! Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by commenting below!


Should Star Wars Episode 7 put these plot holes to rest?


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