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Now days, giving movies names is an art craft. I have one example of a film with a bad name that was received very poorly. So poorly that it was voted the worst film ever made.

ZZYX, the name didn't attract a lot of people to the movie theatre.


Hitch.. Who remembers Hitch? the great romance comedy movie starring Will Smith well that was nearly called "The Last First Kiss"


Well I think honestly I don't think i would of went to go and see it in the threatres if it was called the "the first last kiss."


Time to look at some horror films. I personally have not seen this film but for the committed lover of this film, it is on my list of films to watch :3

Friday the 13th was nearly called the very weird title of the "A long night at Camp Blood." When i think about it, i would of probably got a very nasty fright think it was not going to be that bad and walk into a movie this scary.



Stanley Kubrick.. remember the mastermind who made some really great films. Well his "2001 space odyssey" was nearly called "How The Solar System Was Won"



okay now this is very surprising. some people have some very ideas for calling films. Snakes On The Plane was nearly called something else can anyone guess? “Pacific Air Flight 121″


Thank God for Sam L. Jackson, he threaten he would leave if they didn't change the name back to Snake On The Planes.


Okay now back to Horror. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was nearly called the down right stupid "Head Cheese". Who would went to go and see Head Cheese, in the movie threatre? I personally wouldn't have.



Now to the movie that put Sci on the map, Aliens, it was almost called "Star Beast"... Star Beast.. Just Wow..



Now for the classic movie Annie Hall, can you think of what they would of called it? Mrs Hall? or Annie? Nope.. “Anhedonia”



For the famous movie, Blade Runner what do you think they would of called it? Well i think Blade Runner is a odd title name but i couldn't imagine any other title for it. They were going to call it... “Mechanismo”



Time for another movie that I have not seen. "Unforgiven", sounds like an amazing Hollywood film. They were going to call it "Whore's Gold"



What about Blood Diamond, the title is amazing, the title tells us a story. What does “Okavango” tell us? Something a lot different.



"Mean Streets" what do you think they would of called it ? "Season of the Witch"



Okay, for number 1 spot it goes to Sci Fi time travelling movie. "Back to Future" what do you think people would call them? Someone who goes back in time? what do you think they should call it. Well.. Hollywood was going to call it.. "Spaceman from Pluto"

Thank god, they didn't


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