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'Supernatural' is a worldwide phenomenon. We all love it and wish that it would never end. Season 10 may have ended, but Season 11 will premiere this October and I can't wait to see it! Until then, let's find out which Supernatural season finale ranks as the fandom's favorite!


Season 1 Finale- ''Devil's Trap''

In this episode, after learning that their father has been captured, the brothers go to family friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) for help. However, Meg tracks them down, but is caught underneath a mystical symbol known as a "devil's trap". The brothers proceed to exorcise the demon. They find out where their father is.

Season 2 Finale- ''All Hell Breaks Loose''

In this episode: Dean, devastated by Sam's death, sells his soul to a Crossroads Demon (Ona Grauer) in exchange for Sam's resurrection, and is given only one year before collection is due. In the meantime the Yellow Demon is ready to open the gates of hell.

Season 3 Finale- ''No Rest For The Wicked''

In this episode, Dean, Sam and Bobbie have less than 30 hours to find Lilith and cancel the deal between Dean and the demons. When they track her down, Sam asks Ruby's help but without Dean's approval. Ruby explains to them that they aren't ready to face Lilith yet but the two brothers have other plans.

Season 4 Finale- ''Lucifer Rising''

In this episode, the Apocalypse is here and the brothers are ready for the upcoming battle. Sam joins forces with Ruby so he can kill Lilith and Castiel tells Dean to stop the rise of Lucifer.

Season 5 Finale- ''Swan Song''

In this episode, the end is here! The battle between the two Winchesters is about to begin. Sam has the Horsemen's rings in his possesion and thinks that if he make a deal with Lucifer he might stop him. When Sam and Dean come face to face with Lucifer, they have to make the hardest decision of their lives.

Season 6 Finale- ''The Man Who Knew Too Much''

In this episode, the war in heaven is really intense. On the Earth, Sam isn't mentally stable because horrible memories from hell are coming to him. Dean and Bobbie don't know what to do to help him.

Season 7 Finale- ''Survival of the Fittest''

In this episode, the Winchester brothers, Castiel, Bobbie, Meg and Kevin are about to deal with Dick Roman and the Leviathans in a intense battle.

Season 8 Finale- ''Sacrifice''

In this episode, Sam and Dean capture Crowley to finish the trials and close the gates of Hell. Castiel and Metatron continue the trials to close the gates of Heaven. Sam is left with a huge decision.

Season 9 Finale- ''Do You Believe In Miracles?''

In this episode, the influence of the mark on Dean reaches new heights, as Metatron begins to reveal himself to humanity.

Season 10 Finale- ''Brother's Keeper''

In this episode, Dean comes to a stunning decision that will alter his life -- as well as Sam's; Rowena and Crowley face off, putting Castiel in the middle.

These were the season finales of Supernatural so far. All of them are incredible! But which is your favourite? You can vote below!


Which is your favourite Season Finale of Supernatural so far?


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