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The Classic Films That I Love Are Reviewed Here.
Alex Smith

The Equalizer

The popular 80's series starring Edward Woodward a street styled vigilante / slash hitman standing in front of his car in a classic london mist provided the perfect inspiration for this remake.

Script writer Richard Wenk turned the retro tale into a well writen story of one mans fight for the protection of innocence in a world were there was only pain and suffering. When he decides to punish the Russian mafia for a despicable act of cruelty against a friend.

But when Teddy a viscious killer is sent to repair and review the broken arm of the Russian Organization this sets the stage for a fight to the death and plenty of victims.

With a long list of adversaries The Equalizer must track the source of the Crime family. But discovers crooked cops will stop at nothing to ensure there golden goose is not harmed.

John Heart – ( Denzel Washington) The Equalizer is a ex Black Ops mercenary / trained killer who has been off the radar for years living in total anominity.

The final climax comes when the ones he holds dear are kidnapped and held hostage.

With a impressive visual style accomplished director of famed Training Day – Fokoa

The film kicks off fast as The Equalizer settles the intial score as the B – story is revealed the writer switches perspective making the goal seeker The formitable baddy Teddy after several more attempts The midpoint arrives when John Heart discovers from his cloaked ex government employers the CIA who his enemy is.The finale a showdown in the Home Depot. ***


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