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Mark Morrissey
...was used then and is still valid now: While Lara Croft needs some work because she never really looked like a real woman (and Cortana? Its a hologram, she's not real - even by video game standards, though her breasts look more real than any of the others), what gets me here is that characters like Christie, Sonya and the like are fighters. Athletes. Real athletes are built like that (specific sport notwithstanding). So making these characters larger (in these examples by - fatter) in the hopes of being more realistic? Ridiculous. Riku? She's still a kid and, thus, can be definitely seen as being that thin. I've known many "real women" with this kind of build. Point is, a lot of these characters (and others in video games), are engaged in athletic activities that tend to keep them in shape (running or fighting for your life can do that, I'll bet). Now, the GTA V girl? No idea. Wouldn't care either way. But the idea that video game characters (female, or male - but let's be honest, it's mostly females getting the crap) should be portrayed as "average"....why? They are above average characters doing above average things in above average situations (mostly). Is it to make girls or women feel better about themselves? If so, why? Those ladies who play games tend to be smarter than the rest (I'm biased, sue me). They will know the difference and see these character as just that. Now, is it to make guys not lust after women who look like that? Um...guys are dumb. Good luck finding "realistic" character models that many guys WONT find something sexual about. Society is weird.

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