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The murder, molestation and cannibalism committed by Jeffrey Dahmer shocked America. His bizarre crimes, fueled by a lonely psychopathy, are the stuff of grisly legend, informing horror movies for years to come.

From direct biopic to loosely-based inspirations, the gruesome case of Jeffrey Dahmer has affected horror movies ever since - but how realistic are they? Taking genuine crime scene photos and comparing them with shots from these terrifying, Dahmer-inspired movies, how accurate are these on screen portrayals... and which are more horrifying?

The Blue Tub

On Screen: The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer

Police found a large blue tub full of acid solution designed to dissolve body parts. In the movie, Dahmer (played by Carl Crew) uses a large pot to boil pieces. See more of this creepy, little-known biopic below.

The Skulls

On Screen: Hannibal

Movie skulls are clearly more fake - they are too perfect. The skull that Hannibal is posing with is some sort of skull supermodel - not like the eerily damaged real ones.

The Shrine

On Screen: Maniac

Dahmer famously created a shrine to his crimes on a black table in his apartment, much like the grisly shrine seen in grotty video nasty Maniac.

The Lamp

On Screen: Dahmer

Before he was Hawkeye with The Avengers, Jeremy Renner was an unsettlingly convincing Jeffrey Dahmer in the eponymous 2002 movie. At least they got the lamp right.

Check out more footage from this chilling biopic...

The Couch

On Screen: The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer

This low budget 1993 TV movie is surprisingly skillful at building suspense and channeling the sad, empty life of America's most notorious cannibal killer.

The Horrors in the Refrigerator I

On Screen: The Criminals Hall of Fame

The lurid imaginings of fictionalized scenes will often look worse, but they cannot match real images for sheer starkness and disturbing simplicity.

The Horrors in the Refrigerator II

On Screen: American Psycho

Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman is a highly-organized, socially skilled killer - the very antithesis of distraught loner Jeffrey Dahmer. It makes sense that Bateman's fridge is more organized...

The Horrors in the Refrigerator III

On Screen: The Voices

Obviously not the most realistic comparison, but maybe we need something a little more light-hearted in the midst of all this horror?

The Horrors in the Refrigerator IV

On Screen: Friday 13th Part 2

In fact, after all of this real life horror, you may find it comforting to watch the full scene from Friday 13th Part 2... at least it's fiction!


What do you think is the best movie about Jeffrey Dahmer?

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