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The death of a celebrity is often surprisingly emotional. Despite most of the time not knowing the person at all in real life, you still find yourself with a strange emotional tie to them due to the characters they portrayed.

While the deaths of big celebrities such as Robin Williams, Heath Ledger and Leonard Nimoy are usually reported in the media for weeks, the passing of other celebrities sometimes flies beneath the radar.

Take a look at this list of some well known celebrities from your favorite television shows who you may not have realized have passed away, and share a memory of your favorite character in the comments below:

1. Earl Hindman - Home Improvement

Earl Hindman was best known to us as wise neighbor Wilson from the Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement. As a character, Wilson never revealed the lower half of his face with it almost always being obscured by the top of his fence, or by other objects. Hindman worked in Television for 35 years but sadly passed away from lung cancer in 2003. He was 61 years old.

2. Marcia Wallace - The Simpsons

Source: Comics Alliance
Source: Comics Alliance

Marcia Wallace was a face and voice familiar to us from her appearances on many different shows and films including The Brady Bunch, The Bob Newhart Show, Darkwing Duck, Full House and Monsters University among others. However it was her role as teacher Edna Krabappel in The Simpsons that was her most famous. Sadly, after portraying Bart Simpson's teacher for over 23 years, Wallace passed away in 2013. Pneumonia, sepsis as well as breast cancer were listed as the causes of the 70-year-old's death.

3. Lisa Robin Kelly - That '70s Show

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly was most famous for her role in That '70s Show from Seasons 1 through 5 as Laurie Forman, Eric's beautiful but evil older sister. Aside from That '70s Show, Kelly also had a number of roles in other TV shows and films such as Amityville Dollhouse, The Survivor and Days of Our Live. Sadly, in 2013 the actress died in her sleep from a drug overdose, just days after she had checked herself in rehab. She was 43 years old.

4. Mary Kay Bergman - South Park

While Mary Kay Bergman's face might not ring any bells, her voice certain will. Bergman was a well known voice-over artist, most famously voicing the character of Liane Cartman and Sheila Broflovski in the series South Park. Bergman's voice also appears in Toy Story 2, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, and Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Sadly, despite a successful career, Bergman suffered from bipolar and anxiety disorders, and in 1999 committed suicide.

5. Andy Whitfield - Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Welsh actor Andy Whitfield gained fame for his role as Spartacus in the Starz TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Aside from his role as the title character in the series, he also appeared in several Australian series' such as All Saints, The Strip, Packed to the Rafters, and McLeod's Daughters. Sadly, followed his portrayal of Spartacus in Season 1 of Blood and Sand, Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and, though he battled the cancer for over 18 months, sadly passed away in September, 2011.

6. Edward Herrmann - Gilmore Girls

Edward Herrmann will be well known to many for his roles in TV shows and movies such as The Good Wife, The Aviator, Oz, The Practice, Richie Rich and Eleanor and Franklin, and in particular for his role as Richard Gilmore in Gilmore Girls. Sadly, on December 31st, 2014 Edward Herrmann passed away from brain cancer at age 71.

7. Andrew Koenig - Growing Pains

Though Andrew Koenig acted for over 30 years, he was probably most famous for his role as Boner in Growing Pains, a role he played for 25 episodes. Aside from Growing Pains, Koenig also appeared in 21 Jump Street, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Batman: Dead End. Despite his success, sadly this star of the '80s died after committing suicide in February, 2010 at the age of 41.

Source: Bro Bible, Ebaum's World


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