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Heather Snowden

It's been a while since we first met these Disney Princesses, and it seems they've since grown-up, got their ID (or borrowed a friend's) and made straight for the tattoo parlor.

Without the need for parental consent (and let's face it, their fathers would never grant it), these Disney daughters have really gone down to ink town...

1. Jasmine goes full punk in this fishnet get-up

2. Elsa and Anna go to the dark side...

3. Pocahontas would break the internet with this Kardashian-esque booty

4. I think Mulan's new undercut could restart the trend...

5. See, even Ariel has taken note

6 - 9. Ariel becomes the perfect pin-up in these four funky frames

10. Alice has gone all Avril with pink hair and full sleeves

11. Cinderella goes Rosie the Riveter

12. If looks could Freeze...

13. Alice found her friend Jack at the bottom of this rabbit hole

14. 'Bite Me'

15. Loving the ombre, Alice.

16. When Jasmine goes bad, she does it with class. Check out those Chanel earrings!

17. Pocahontas and Jasmine take their inspiration from Bad Gal RiRi

18. Embracing the bad, Snow White inks her own poison apple

19. Alice turns her body into her own wonderland with these cool tatts


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