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While it may not have been the most cameo-filled of movies, this summer's plucky box-office underdog - Marvel's pleasantly surprising Ant-Man - was still filled with a whole lot of special appearances, ranging from the heavily obscured to the right out in the open - with a few semi-secretive ones in between.

As it turns out, though, the film's director Peyton Reed also had plans for a super-secret cameo that, had it come off, would've been pretty darned remarkable - and potentially changed one actor's decades long withdrawal from the world of acting. Y'see:

Peyton Reed Almost Brought a Reclusive Comedy Legend in for an Ant-Man Cameo

The legend in question? Well, who else would make sense for a comedic actioner all about shrinking than the 1990s' master of the form?

That's right - there was, at one stage, serious talk about bringing Rick 'star of every comedy you love from the '80s' Moranis in for a small cameo. As Reed put it in an interview with Screen Junkies:

"There was talk. Not to play Hank Pym though. That was one of the things…I of course went back and obsessively watched all the shrinking movies I could think of. When it got to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, I was like ‘I really miss Rick Moranis, Man!’ And there was talk about like should we have him do some strategic cameo in the movie? But we already had a couple of strategic cameos in the movie then it felt like ‘Okay, that might be gilding the lilly.’ And we felt that if we were going to get Rick Moranis back, he’s got to have more than a cameo."

Now, in fairness, Reed didn't really reveal whether or not Moranis - who famously retired from live-action movie acting back in the mid-'90s, and hasn't appeared on screen since - was actually willing to make an appearance, but in the end, it's hard to fault either Reed's ambition, or his ultimate decision to not pursue Moranis.

While it certainly would've been awesome to see Moranis cameo in Ant-Man - and it's great to hear that Reed was thinking big right from the get go - he's also absolutely right when he points out that if you're going to persuade the legendary Rick Moranis to come out of retirement, you'd damn well better have a meaty part for him.

Which in itself opens up a pretty huge - if fairly hypothetical - question:

Who Should Rick Moranis Play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Now, of course, if anyone has access to a time machine, and wants to head back to the mid '80s, then there's little doubt as to who Moranis should play - as the man above was clearly born to play Peter Parker in an authentic '60s-set retelling of Spider-Man's origins.

With that all being completely impossible however - though if you do get that time machine working, let me know - there're a few more likely modern options for Moranis, in his more stately older guise:

Now, there are countless scientists, journalists and assorted dignitaries that Moranis could kick butt at playing, of course, but none of them exactly...jump out from the page. My personal preference?

I'd love to see Moranis turn up as an incredibly curmudgeonly Henry Peter Gyrich - a long-time Marvel Universe government agent and pain in the butt - and cause no end of trouble for the Avengers in the process.

Or, failing that - especially since there's a chance he's already set to be played by Martin Freeman in Captain America: Civil War - Marvel could always up-age the US State Department's Everett Ross (who's also long been linked with being played by Freeman) and just have Moranis wander through the Black Panther's solo movie, getting into scrapes...much like the character's comic-book counterpart.

Or, y'know, they could just leave Moranis happily retired, and not try to lure him into exactly the kind of stressful big-budget film shoot he seemed pretty thrilled to leave behind.

Either way...

What do you think, though?

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