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There have been some badass video game-iconic movie crossovers through the years, which have seen very loved characters entering the world of games or crossing over for fun; like Predator and Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X and Journey's traveler in PS4's Super Time Force Ultra, to name a few recent gems.

But 2K may have gone and trumped their nostalgia seeking competition by throwing a certain T-800 into the impending muscle fest, WWE 2k16. Yes, the Terminator will be a playable character come this October! And I'm talking about both versions. Both from The Terminator and T2. The gift that just keeps on trying to kill you.

Yay, 2K!
Yay, 2K!


These unfortunately will only be available if you pre-order, which is a model that is fast getting tired in my opinion.

Boo, 2K!
Boo, 2K!

I Need Your Boots, Your Speedos and Your Baby Oil

In honor of this pretty damn badass event, 2K has released one of the coolest tie-in adverts, which sees Arnold Schwarzenegger revisiting the iconic bar scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, complete with WWE stars Daniel Bryan, Paige, Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor, who are just milling about looking tough and stuff.

Check it out:

See, pretty epic right?! Here's the original for comparison:

What About These Guys?

Though the T-800's inclusion is obviously amazing, there are a legion of other great action heroes in the public consciousness that I'd love to see smack the latest crop of WWE heels and faces around the ring.

Come with me now and see if you agree...

1. Neo

What an opponent The Matrix's most annoying glitch would be. Imagine him entering the ring; the game breaks and Neo flies out from amidst the fragments, tearing up the entrance as he goes...

2. Zangief

This is a given really. This badass Russian warrior would be a sweet addition to 2k16's roster. Original Street Fighter sprites too, please.

3. Riddick

Bit of a wild brawler, his unpredictable move set would be ridiculously entertaining to watch and to play. What's he gonna do next?! Feed you to a hammer-headed space beast more than likely.

4. Agent George Dillon

It would've been interesting to see how much of a badass Dillon was, until he got stuck pushing too many pencils.

5. Jason Bourne

The reigning king of post-millennium action movies, Bourne games have been a little bit light since 2008's pretty solid The Bourne Conspiracy, so let's get him dusted off and thrown into the ring for a laugh.

All in all, the Terminator is a brilliant addition to the wrestling sim franchise, but it's a damn shame you have to pre-order to get it. So I'll have to say "hasta la vista, baby" out of principle.

What about you?

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