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With over 70 years experience making movies, Disney must be doing something right! Over the years, Walt Disney Studios and their extraordinary team of animators have managed to produce spectacular and timeless films that can be watched time after time by people of all ages - a true skill.

As much of a die-hard Disney fan you might be, Disney is extremely clever with their films, adding more details we could never think to notice in a single viewing - hidden Mickey's and symbolic gestures, not to mention some of the hilarious jokes or lines of dialogue filled with hidden meanings.

A hidden Mickey in Lilo & Stitch
A hidden Mickey in Lilo & Stitch

However, fortunately for us we live in the time of Tumblr! Over the years Tumblr has become a fantastic place for Disney lovers to congregate and share some of the best (and funniest) things they've spotted is our fave animated films.

Take a look at these 25 times that Tumblr users (and a couple of Imgur users, because hey, why not!) showed just how big their love for Disney is:

1. When they realized Carl was the original Elsa

So I guess Russell is Anna in this scenario - does that make Dug Olaf?!

2. When they revealed a little too much about clown fish (but it was still interesting)

Whatttt!? Damn science always making things creepy!

3. When they perfectly blended Mulan and Frozen

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

I'll make a SNOWman out of you!

4. When they figured out that Ursula could have been wayyyy more horrible than she was

I mean, maybe Ariel would have rocked the Philoctetes/Mr. Tumnus look, who knows?!

5. When they nailed the perfect way to get a boys attention

Mushu has all the best tips, as the last commenter can attest to!

6. When they shared this touching moment

Be right back, crying profusely.

7. When they spotted this emperor from a mile away

Ah yes, the perfect spot for Kuzcotopia.

8. When they nailed the perfect dad joke

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


9. When they spotted Idina Menzel's hypocrisy

Yep that's right, Idina Menzelm who voiced Elsa, also voiced Nancy Tremaine in the Disney film Enchanted where her character did in fact marry a man she just met.

10. When they took a look into Nemo's teenage years

Gosh dad, just let me explore.

11. When they revealed this real-life connection between Walt and Lady

Okay, cutest story ever! I would love to see a picture of Walt Disney and his dog with an ice cream cone each!

12. When they noted the difference between Belle and Jane

That a girl, Belle! Straight into the classics! Though if we're entirely fair, then the Beast already knew how to read when Belle taught him, and Tarzan was a complete beginner.

13. When they called out Aladdin

Look, to be fair to Aladdin, sometimes when you're showing people a whole new world you don't have time to park your carpet perfectly.

14. When they noted Frozen's very clever use of gloves

So smart - Elsa was hiding her powers, Han's was hiding his evil intentions - but what exactly is Mickey hiding?!

15. When they finally gave Quasimodo the recognition he deserved

While Quasi has flaws on the outside, every other Disney dude has flaws on the inside. But the saddest thing of all? Quasi was the only one who never got the girl (besides Peter Pan, though we'll just let that slide on a count of them being kids).

16. When they noticed this amazing parallel

Also super interesting considering Rapunzel used to be in total isolation and is now surrounded by many, where as Elsa always had people around her at the castle (even if she stayed in her room for the most part, she still had Anna outside her door constantly) and is now completely alone.

17. When they spotted this piece of Disney genius

I love that Disney probably knew that only a small amount of people would even get this amazing joke but they included it anyway.

18. When they shared this story about an awesome chef and his helper

YES! Best chef EVER!

19. When they explained the significance of this moment

Lilo already loves Stitch, and with the presentation of the lei he literally falls in love with her, awww.

20. When someone explained why Mike was actually in the perfect place

Hats off to the fruit snacks packers, they know what's up!

21. When they gave this warning

Always beware of the weird lime green smoke!

22. When they noted how differently Mother Gothel and Eugene showed affection

Seriously, Mother Gothel is the worst parent ever, thank goodness for Eugene!

23. When they picked up on this symbolism

Always with the tiny details!

24. When they once again highlighted how horrible Gothel was

Too sweet.

25. When they told it like it is

Word (I'd still kinda trust him though...).

Source: Imgur via Buzzfeed


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