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Sure, Disney have done a great job of turning their beloved and iconic movies and characters into tangible and equally magical theme parks, but there could be some new kids just around the corner.

According to industry rumors, Universal and Nintendo are teaming up to deliver a theme park based on the properties owned by the Japanese gaming giant. We already know Nintendo has been working with Universal to revamp their current parks, but there are rumbling they will not stop there. According to, Universal hope to split Nintendo's various major franchises into separate areas, as well as develop rides based on their games and characters in a third park.

As you can probably imagine, a Mario Kart ride is apparently in the cards, as are zones based on Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. Furthermore, there are also suggestions Universal are developing a literal World of Warcraft. This seems at least partly legitimate, as the studio is currently developing the upcoming movie adaptation. Personally, I can see this as an addition to their previous parks, as opposed to an area in a Nintendo park.

The sources of the rumors claim the Universal development is mostly in response to Disney making their own improvements to their Disney World Theme Park. Currently, no one is entirely sure what these improvements will involve, but we're likely to find out at the upcoming D23 expo. These mysterious sources also claim Universal hopefully plan to open their video game inspired park sometime in 2021.

Just for the fun of speculating, here are some potential rides and attractions Nintendo and Universal could conjure up.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is certainly a firm favorite here at Moviepilot, and it seems only right that it would get a look in at a potential Nintendo theme park. I'm not quite sure how you could incorporate all the shells, bananas and other weapons without tempting some serious personal injury lawsuits, but a combination of karting and lazer tag could be a fun, if incredibly dangerous, idea.

Real Life Pokémon Battles

As a kid, I wished with all my heart that Pokémon could be real. Unfortunately, that dream has gone unanswered (as have so many of my childish desires), however a Universal/Nintendo theme park might just have the resources to create the next best thing - holographic Pokémon!

Imagine stepping into a Poké Stadium and facing up against some 14-year-old from South Dakota who thinks he can hand you your ass in the hallowed field of Poké-Combat. Cue a holographic Pokémon throwdown. If holograms prove too expensive or difficult to manufacturer, I'll also settle for underpaid out-of-work actors dressed in Pokémon costumes wrestling for my amusement.

Star Fox Roller Coaster

There are no shortage of Nintendo properties which could be turned into roller coasters, but Star Fox deserves to be one of the most outrageous. Stick a bunch of tourists in a Arwing and send them cascading through a laser-filled galactic space battle. It will, of course, have to feature many, many barrel rolls.

Luigi's Haunted Mansion

No theme park would be complete without a haunted mansion, and Nintendo already has one they can use. Plus it's also only fair that the more-overlooked Mario Brother should get his own ride.

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