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Brock Baker is on a whole new level of totally mind-blowing ability! The self titled "Man of a Zillion Voices" is a multi-talented voice actor. You may have even come across him before in his previous videos. Brock released a fantastically sarcastic =69">Simpsons video and even tacked the characters of South Park. Now he's back, and has taken on the Pixar universe. The result is just incredible, I honestly could not believe my ears when I heard his range of voices. Amazingly, Brock is able to pull off 24 Pixar characters' voices in under 5 minutes!

Aside from his voice being able to adapt in to a whole flurry of our favorite Pixar characters, I totally love his expressions while performing the impersonations! Brock really allows the character's personality to fuse with his own, allowing wonderful moments like this to be born…

His impersonation of Merida just killed me

From older Pixar characters to much newer ones, Brock has this universe covered

Video time!

Hit play and close your eyes, bonus points if you can guess all of the characters. I am sure you will be able to guess them all as Brock pulls them off wonderfully.

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