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Most of the walkers from season six of The Walking Dead have been rotting away (and probably smelling terrible) for quite some time now, so it only makes sense that they would get more disgusting and deplorable over time. This season, we're promised some of the nastiest walkers ever seen.

The awesome hair and makeup team has put out a promotional image of some new walkers that are... suffice to say... gross. Check out how they'll look this season, along with photos of walkers from each season as a reference point.

Season 6 Walkers (to come)

Ew. That's all I can really say.

Season 5 Walkers

I mean, they were pretty bad last season, too. But I think Season 6 is going to be gnarly.

Season 4 Walkers

The further back in time that we go, the (slightly) less brutal the walkers were.

Season 3 Walkers

Pretty bad, still. But at least vaguely human...

Season 2 Walkers

Some marginally more early-stage walkers...

Season 1 Walkers

Of course, you've gotta remember this iconic scene from the show where Glenn and Rick have to pretend to be walkers. The suspenseful scene showed some only vaguely effed up walkers, who in time probably got much worse.

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