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Marvel films have become a juggernaut of our cinema in recent years, the theatre just wouldn't be the same without them. Since 2008, with their debut film Iron Man, Marvel has consistently sent out (mostly) top quality films which are always a joyous romp for the family. The MCU has been split into phases, the second phase has just finished with Antman and we've been shown all the exciting movies that will be in phase 3.

Now phase 4 is confirmed to be happening, Kevin Fiege said that Marvel has films planned until 2028 which will undoubtedly include sequels and thrilling new properties. It also makes it interesting because Thor, Captain America and Iron Mans films should've stopped by then because the actors contracts would have expired and they'll start founding new heroes. In this article I will list what I think Phase 4 deserves to be using a combination of hopes and expectations. Putting these films in order was very difficult, I had to think about it a lot, because you can't leave too large a gap between films within the franchises or have two space films next to each other. Much like previous phases it will largely consist of sequels.

So without further a do here is my Phase 4......


Ant-Man 2 [May 4]

I, for one, quite enjoyed Ant-Man. I thought it was a funny yet grounded addition to the MCU which made it feel very fresh. Therefore I thought it was in much need of a sequel. I placed it first because I believe the grounded nature of the character would let the film interestingly tell the aftermath of the Infinity War at a basic level. This sequel I propose to follow a story very much in the same as the first, he needs to use his ability to track down and take back an item that was stolen in the aftermath of Infinity War. Possibly Hydra (or what's left) takes a weapon left by Thanos and his army.

Nova [July 20]

Nova will be the first of Phase 4 to be a new franchise and is intended as a spiritual successor to the part of the universe Star Lord and crew previously covered. Although the Nova Corps themselves have their roots in Guardians of the Galaxy this will solely focus on Richard Rider and his return to being a Nova. If I was in charge of the plot I would say that Richard had retired from the Corps a few years prior, however, the Corps needs him to return when a great threat starts a war with the Nova: Annihilus. I want to kick this of as the first new franchise so we can again see how the Infinity War effected the cosmic side of Marvel.

Spider-man 2 [November 5]

Hopefully Tom Holland's 2017 Spiderman reboot is successful and is very faithful to the comic books. If it does go as planned and rakes in the money (which lets's face it, it will) a sequel will immediately go into production. This needs to be placed in 2020 whilst Tom still keeps his teenage looks, wait too long and he'll grow up too much. As the first film is going to be set whilst Peter is in high school I propose that number two be set just as Peter graduates and proceeds to get a job as a photographer for the Daily Bugle under J. Jonah Jameson as his villains roster continues to grow. I'm not sure who the villain of the first shall be but I hope that both will be members of the (eventual) Sinister Six. Kraven maybe? Vulture?


Doctor Strange 2 [April 6]

Now with a stellar cast being built, led by fan-favourite Benedict Cumberbatch as the good doctor himself, Marvel's Doctor Strange is a sure-fire hit which again will obviously lead to a sequel. Story wise it's hard to say since we don't know much but apparently the villain will be Baron Mordo which probably will tease Dormammu for this film. I placed this so soon so like Antman 2 and Nova we can see the impact Thanos as the Infinity War had on the magical side of the universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 [August 1]

This had to be here. Of course it did. At this point in the timeline, with Cap, Thor and Stark largely out of the limelight, Guardians acts as the guiding light of the phase and would largely be considered the veteran franchise which is incredibly bankable and already well proven by this point. I real money-maker. As the final in a probable trilogy I would imagine it would separate itself from the rest of the universe and focus on a very personal adventure to them. If you think about it Infinity War will be dangerous and will have casualties, then with a team surely one of them has a chance of dying, is that the personal journey? A journey of mourning?


Black Panther 2 [May 6]

Another sequel (Marvel loves these in phases, just look at phase 2) but this time for Black Panther. As I see it Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther after Phase 3 become the new big 3, better representing them as well. They will take the major roles of representing mystic, cosmic and earthbound problems. As with Doctor Strange it's really hard to predict the plot, even more so, we only know Chadwick Boseman is T'Challa and we can assume that Andy Serkis may be returning as the antagonist Ulysseus Klau. Maybe White Gorilla for this one? But really its anybody's guess this is quite far ahead.

Young Avengers [July 19]

I kinda believe that after Phase 3 the main Avengers story is gonna slow down a bit so I hope Marvel shall start to focus on other group properties to end their phases on, like the Young Avengers. This would be a refreshing take on the, by this point, four Avengers film to already happen but keeping to a similar tone and formula. A group flick, saving the world and possibly even introduced in other films. By my logic Cassie Lang from Antman (who is the young Avenger Stature) should be 14 by this time which would be ideal. Ty Simpkins' Harley from Iron Man 3 could possibly be turned into a highly altered Iron Lad, I'm sure there would be a way to get a new Vision somewhere. Wiccan could make a small cameo in Doctor Strange but Hulkling may be hard with all the Skrull rights and such. I definitely think I could be pulled of, a team of teenagers against the world. Very nice.

Now when thinking about all the things to come next (sequels and newbies) I found too many to handle so I actually split it between this and Phase 5, with a few scattered for after. So if you didn't see something you think should be I may have placed it back a bit. I would be very happy to write Phase 5 (and maybe 6) but only if you want it. Comment below any new franchises you want to see from Marvel in the future.



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