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Doctor Who will be back on our screens on 19th September with the episode ''The Magician's Apprentice''. Many people love this awesome show and they show it with many ways. They make incredible fan art and of course exceptional fan made videos. Today we're going to see 5 amazing Doctor Who fan made videos!

5. Doctor Puppet


This video is totally awesome. It has the Doctor as a puppet (which is extremely cute!) going on adventures! This is the first episode so make sure you watch the rest of the series as well.. Trust me, it's worth it! (Source)

4. Stone


If you saw the episode of the third series ''Blink'' then you know that statues aren't always still. ''Blink'' haunts me till this very moment and I can't ignore a statue when I go for a walk in the park or a museum. This fan made video will give you the same chills as the episode. Don't be afraid to watch it. (Source)

3. Series 1-7 - Ultimate Who-athon Trailer


If you're a Whovian then you know that Doctor Who isn't always a series of happiness, hugs and smiles. Doctor Who will take your heart, rip it off your chest and break it into million pieces. This video will make you cry. I guarantee it. It made me cry like a little baby. (Source)

2. Series 8 2014 - 'Rain' Trailer


When I first saw this video I thought it was real. Really. I thought the BBC realeased it. When I found out that it was fan made then I couldn't believe it. Watch it and you'll see. (Source)

1. WHOLOCK - Sherlock meets The Doctor!


This is the video that every Whovian and Sherlockian on the planet had been waiting for. The Doctor finally meets Sherlock! Can you believe it? Now the only thing left is for Moffat to make a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover.C'mon Moffat! What are you waiting for? (Source)

These were 5 fan made Doctor Who videos that are totally amazing! Don' forget to watch the Series 9 Premiere of Doctor Who on 19th September on BBC One!

Watch the oustanding trailer here:


Which is your favourite Series of Doctor Who?


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